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What should I eat for meals when my family prepares Indian food?
(April 6, 2008)

Information on Indian Diet

Healthy living demands one common guideline, which is a balanced diet. You can eat anything prepared by the family, provided, it is healthy. Rice, wheat tortilla, steam rice cake, pan cake, pongal and khichdi are a few of the commonly eaten Indian foods. All these foods are ideal. The best part of an Indian meal is the rice-lentil soup combination.

For example, rice is eaten with lentil soup and wheat tortilla with lentils. Lentils or lentil soup comprises of pulses, which are a good source of methionine.

Cereals, such as rice and wheat are deficient in lysine. Cereal pulse combination results in mutual supplementation of the deficit amino acids. Breakfast items, such as pongal, steam rice cake, pan cake and khichdi are also followers of the same principle. The quantity of the food eaten is the only important criteria, provided, you do not have any other complication. Vegetables and fruits are as important as the rest of the meal.

Try to include one dark vegetable and green leaves in your daily diet. These supply you with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibre. Adequate amount of fluids in the form of water, tender coconut and fruit juices are recommended for general well being. About eight to ten glasses of water are recommended daily. Alcohol and smoking are avoided. Regular exercise keeps the body and mind fresh and healthy.
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