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General causes of high cholesterol are a poor diet

What should be the diet in case of high cholestrol in the body?
(July 25, 2008)


Cholesterol is a fatlike substance that is waxy in appearance and is needed for the proper functioning of the body. Cholesterol is present in the membranes and the cell walls everywhere in the body. The body uses cholesterol to produce a number of hormones and also vitamin D and some bile acids that help digest fat. A high level of cholesterol means that an excess of it is deposited in the arteries which creates a blockage and the narrowing of the arteries. A high cholesterol level is not a disease by itself but is a disorder that can cause a number of other diseases.

The general causes of high cholesterol are a poor diet, lack of exercise, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, excess amounts of stress, old age and sometimes it also hereditary. A poor diet is likely to raise the LDL levels in the blood so it is advisable to stay away from saturated animal fats like pork, beef, ice cream, whole milk, egg yolks and chesses. Avoid trans-fatty acids as well and these are found in processed foods and commercial baked goods. A large amount of cholesterol is also found in foods like liver, kidneys and prawns but if you are eating a well balanced diet then you will not have to cut down too much on these foods. Make sure you eat a high level of fibre (especially soluble fibre) which can be found in beans fruits, oats and vegetables.


It is important to consult your doctor in order to get a proper idea of what foods you can consume or not based on your cholesterol levels. Along with a proper diet it is also important to get an adequate amount of physical exercise as it serves to enhance the levels of good cholesterol and reduce the bad levels. Another factor to pay attention when dealing with high cholesterol levels is to avoid being overweight. Being overweight not only leads to a higher level of bad cholesterol but also increase the chances of heart disease and high blood pressure. If you smoke then you should consider quitting completely as it greatly reduces your chances of high cholesterol. Along with your dietary changes you should pay attention to the level of stress that you experience as it has a direct bearing on your cholesterol and pressure levels. Finally old age causes a rise in cholesterol levels, so if you are old then the chances of having high cholesterol are more likely.

A high cholesterol diet plan ensures a reduction in the blood cholesterol levels by the second or third week of consumption.

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