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Natural Treatment for Weight Loss

I am a working lady and my job demands long hours of sitting. My height is 5feet and my weight is 60kg. Please tell me how can I reduce my excess weight through diet?
(April 5, 2008)

Information on Weight loss

Hi! Your ideal body weight is 52 kg. Present day working pattern require working on computer and so on, thereby resulting in a sedentary activity. You are not alone in facing this problem. As you know, diet and exercise are vital in weight reduction. There is no magic potion, which reduces excessive weight immediately.

Avoid three large meals and eat frequent and small meals to suppress your appetite.

People are more into the intake of junk foods, such as burgers, potato chips and French fries, with a carbonated beverage as snack. These foods contain Trans fats and saturated fats, which have a derogatory effect on the health. Avoidance of these might be difficult, though restricting them in the initial stages prove useful. Your diet intake would have proved helpful in helping you.

Opt for more vegetable and fruits. Try snacking on these ate the brunch time. A bottle of butter milk is also useful. Try to move about in your work place to the maximum extent possible. Check out the stairs, instead of using the elevator. Try walking to the bus stop or to your nearby shop, instead of opting for a vehicle. Aerobic exercise, walking, jogging, swimming and exercise cycle are effective in controlling your weight.

Submitted by E L on April 5, 2008 at 04:05


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