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Diet for weight gain

According to my age my weigth is very less as compared to my height which is 5'4 and weigth is 42. What should be my healthy weight and should I eat (due to some problem doctor has advised not to drink milk and milk products)
(July 25, 2008)

The ideal weight for your kind of height would be between 55 to 60 kilograms. Since you have not mentioned your age, this is the generic weight scale for your height at any given age. However, it is important for you to know that this may differ from person to person, depending upon a vast variety of factors. Things such as sex, activity levels, lifestyle, eating habits and so on would make a difference between whether you need to weight 55 kilograms or 60. There are some kinds of cases where you may also need to weigh a bit more than that. It is up to you to determine all of these factors satisfactorily before you embark upon any kind of diet or exercise program to gain weight.

Ideally, you should concentrate on your diet in order to gain weight.

It is essential that you eat at least 4 to 6 meals everyday, as opposed to three basic meals. Remember, snacking is not only an important method to gain some extra weight, it is also scientifically proven to be an excellent way to maintain good health. Of course, the difference between gaining healthy weight due to snacking and merely putting on fat cannot be discounted. A healthy and high calorie snack would comprise of nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios, pine nuts and so on. You can exclude peanut, as they will add to the unhealthy fat quotient of your body. A fist full of nuts taken twice a day will help to make you put on weight. It will also boost your immunity as nuts are wont to. You should also add to the carbohydrate content of your diet in order to gain weight. This would signal an increase in eating breads, processed foods, bakery goods and whole grain foods. Increase your intake of rice, as this will help considerably to add weight.

Apart from concentrating on your diet to gain weight, you should also add to your exercise quotient. This will also help to increase your appetite, thus helping matters along. In order to increase your appetite, you should also increase your intake of fruits, which are known to create hunger. Do remember that you should stick to this diet and exercise program for at least two months before you begin to see positive results. Therefore, the most important thing is to not lose patience, but to continue with your efforts for at least six months.

Submitted by M S on July 25, 2008 at 09:53


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