Home Remedies For Dark Skin | Dark Skin Treatment And Natural Cures

By | March 25, 2010

Treatment For Dark Skin With Herbal Remedies

For those who have dark skin, the first thing to be aware of is that dark skin may be marginally lightened, but there is no way that the color can be permanently made lighter by natural methods. There are invasive things such as surgeries and transplants and grafts that can be employed in order to do this, but these would definitely not fall under the realm of home remedies.

It is important to understand that the color of skin depends upon the kind and amount of pigmentation present in it. If heavily pigmented skin is made lighter, this is not good for skin either. In order to clear out your complexion, there are a few basic methods that can be employed at home. One of these is to regularly keep sunscreen applied to your skin. Even during the day, when the sun is shining brightly, there is a chance that indirect sunlight will impact skin by darkening it.

This does not happen in large degrees, but skin definitely does darken. This basic and simple method will enable to prevent skin from darkening further. The next thing is to maintain a regular routine of skin cleansing and maintenance. Using products that will help to even out your skin tone is a good idea. For instance, it is a good thing to use tomato or citrus based cleansers to keep skin fair. Cucumber is also an excellent skin lightening agent which tends to keep the skin tone even too.

Getting a facial once in the month is also an excellent way to keep the skin looking fresh and healthy. Try to opt for a citrus facial which is very good for lightening skin tone. Adding a few drops of lemon juice to the final face pack will also make a huge difference in the skin lightening factor. One quick clean up for the face can be a paste made with sandalwood powder and rose water.

This can have about five drops to a tablespoon of the paste hydrogen peroxide added to it. This will also help to clear up the basic blemishes and spots that can tend to form on skin. Moreover, each night, it is important to remember to always cleanse and tone your skin before bedtime. The final part of this routine should be applying a layer of moisturizer in order to keep skin well and fully nourished and healthy. Keep in mind that clear skin is a matter of regular practice.