Home Remedies For Cleaning Nose | Spring Cleaning For Your Nose

By | February 18, 2010

Effective Home Remedies For Spring Cleaning Your Nose

Regular cleaning of one’s nose is one of the recommended pieces of advice these days considering the number of people who are coping with various kinds of spring allergies, stuffy noses, post nasal drip and nasal congestion. It does not take too much effort to get a stuffy nose. Every time we inhale, the air that enters our lungs is accompanied by various irritants like dust, pollen, dander, particles of air pollution, and cat dander. Once the person has caught a cold, it leads to blocked nasal passages and difficulty while breathing.

There are various kinds of effective home remedies to tackle this problem; some of them include sniffing an onion. This stimulates the nose to start running and thus helps in unblocking the stuffiness. Another effective remedy is increasing the spice in one’s foods. Consuming hot and spicy foods helps to trigger off a reflex response and makes one’s nose start running. Hence eating foodstuff like hot chili peppers can actually help break up the congestion problem and help remove any irritants that lead to stuffiness.

Tips For Cleaning Nose Passages

Try drinking hot drinks like chicken soup, hot tea with lemon or even plain hot water as the steam from the hot liquid aids in unclogging the nasal passages.  Taking a hot shower is beneficial in loosening the mucus in the nasal passage due to the breathing in off the steam. Another good remedy which can be used on little children too is creating a home made nasal solution and dropping this into the nasal passages.

This solution is made with a few natural ingredients like boiling a cup of water along with a quarter teaspoon of salt. You can even add a dash of baking soda to this mixture. Then fill this solution in a bulb syringe or a nasal spray container or bottle once it is cooled. Next drop approximately 5 to 8 drops of this salt water solution in each nasal passage to help in clearing the sinuses. Try taking a tablespoon of horseradish sauce either before or after your meals. Horseradish has certain properties that help in unblocking ones nose.

Separately try applying pressure in the center area of each cheekbone. When pressure is applied in the correct location it helps to open up the nasal passages. This is a form of acupressure and is particularly beneficial just  before sleeping. Lying on your stomach with the head turned slightly to one side helps. Also press the cheekbone against the hand helps in clearing the nasal passages.