Treatment of Diarrhea-Diarrhea Medication and Prevention

By | November 10, 2008

Diarrhea Therapy and Personal Hygiene Bathing

It is very important to maintain an optimal hygiene when diarrhea is the cause for concern. This is because not only diarrhea but many other related diseases are spread due to poor hygiene conditions and dirty food and water. A proper knowledge about hygiene can prevent the spread of these diseases. Listed below are some practical hygiene tips and care to be taken for a diarrhea patient.

Diarrhea Tips

  • Boil the water before drinking and always store it in a clean container. Keep the container away from animals and children. Also keep the container closed, off the ground, against the wall and away from cooking area and windows. Clean the container and cover with boiling water daily before storing the fresh boiled water for the day.
  • Maintain a separate mug or glass for water and always use the same glass for water. Don’t use this glass for any other household purposes. Never allow your hands or any other object to come in contact with water stored for consumption. After taking water leave the glass upside down on the cover of the container.
  • Washing your hands with soap and water is absolutely essential after using the toilet each time. Also wash your hands thoroughly before cooking, feeding children, breastfeeding, eating or drinking. Don’t forget to wash your hands after eating, touching poultry, animals or any other items that may be unclean. Don’t dry your hands with clothes that you wore as they may be dirty. Keep a separate towel or cloth to wipe your hands after washing.
  • Make sure that the washroom or toilet you use is clean and tidy and the toilet is well ventilated.
  • Make sure to wash all the ingredients thoroughly with clean water before cooking. Fresh fruits and vegetables in particular should be washed well if for a salad as they will be eaten raw. Store the cooked food in a clean dry place away from pets and children.
  • Make sure that any meat and poultry products are cooked well. Do not eat undercook meats, fish, poultry or eggs.
  • Preferably keep your finger nails short and clean to avoid contamination.
  • Diarrhea can cause severe dehydration if water intake is low. So, to prevent such a scenario, drink boiled water and other fluids like fresh fruit juices, fresh vegetables juices, fresh buttermilk, coconut water or barley water to keep you well hydrated.
  • Before taking any anti-diarrheal medications consult a specialist for correct guidance. If your diarrhea is painful, severe, prolonged or contains blood along or is accompanied with a fever then consult a specialist immediately for medical assistance.