Getting Rid Of Bloating With Treatment Of Gas and Bloating

By | December 8, 2008

Bloating Treatment And Remedies For Bloating

After every meal, I have fullness, bloating of abdomen,  acute nausea, noisy belches and burps for the whole day (No heart-burn, no sour belches, no eructation). Please advise me some remedies.

The problem you have described jibes with an almost perfect description of excessive gas. This commonly happens to people for a variety of reasons. One is of course consuming a lot of excessively gassy food. One of the commonest misconceptions is that eating food that causes gas can also cause heartburn or acidity. This is not necessarily true or even correct. There are plenty of foods that can cause a lot of gas, but do not necessarily cause acidity. Check what you are eating. If your diet is very high on all kinds of beans, peas, corn, breads and leftovers, then your diet is extremely high on gaseous food. You should try to cut back on these kinds of foods and instead try to add more of fresh leafy greens to your diet. If you must eat breads, try to eat unleavened bread. Since this is made without yeast, it will help by causing less gas than regular bread. Also try to add fresh fruits to your diet. These will help to neutralize gas to a very large extent. Concentrate more on apples and papayas. These are the two best things you can have to eliminate gas.

Bloating Diet And Cures For Bloating

Another plausible reason you could be suffering from gas is that you eat very quickly. Generally, people who eat very quickly have a tendency to swallow food in large quantities. This almost always causes gas, because when you are swallowing food in large quantities, you generally also tend to swallow a lot of air with it. Try to eat more slowly and steadily instead, and you could find that this does not cause as much gas. Another typical problem is eating large bites of food. Once again, when eating large bites of food, you tend to swallow a lot of gas. This is largely because a lot of large pockets of air generally accompany large boluses of food. Eat in small bites, and chew your food very thoroughly. This will help with your problem as well. Another generally common cause of gas is drinking a lot of water between meals. Even if you are not drinking water and simply having aerated drinks in between your meals, you will find that there is a lot of gas formation. Try to avoid any liquids with your meals, and also for one hour after your meals. Instead, you could drink water before your food, so that you also feel full more quickly.