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Safest Diet Pills: Sorry about this, but does can someone educate me on the Safest Diet Pills available. Maybe it's a silly question, but would appreciate some help. (10 Apr 2008)
Healthy Diet Pills: does any one know what is the best solution for weight loss using Healthy Diet Pills. I am searching for help for a while now? (10 Apr 2008)
Fat Burning Diet Pills: Need advice on Fat Burning Diet Pills. Do you know anything about it? (10 Apr 2008)
Cabbage Soup Diet Pills: Is this of any use Cabbage Soup Diet Pills. How will this help me to lose weight? (10 Apr 2008)
Slim Diet Pills for weight loss: Are Slim Diet Pills of any use to lose weight? (10 Apr 2008)
Pure Weight Loss: Help me please someone - what is Pure Weight Loss. It will help me a lot if someone can answer this query? (10 Apr 2008)
Medical Weight Loss: How is Medical Weight Loss helpful to me? (10 Apr 2008)
Hypnosis for Weight Loss: Help me please someone - what is Hypnosis For Weight Loss? Will help me a lot if someone can answer my query? (10 Apr 2008)
Free Weight Loss Programs: What is the best Free Weight Loss Programs available - any information on this? (10 Apr 2008)
Cabbage Diet advice: Assist me with information with Cabbage Diet. Whatever you can tell me will be great! (10 Apr 2008)
Blood Type Diet: What are the benefits of Blood Type Diet? (10 Apr 2008)
Best Life Diet: I am tired of hunting for information on Best Life Diet. Anyone here that can help? (10 Apr 2008)
Alli Diet Pill for losing weight: Need advice on Alli Diet Pill. Does it help in weigh loss? Do you know anything about it? (10 Apr 2008)
Alli Diet for weight loss: Any opinions on Alli Diet for losing weight. Studying this for some time, pl revert with any help? (10 Apr 2008)
Abs Diet for body building: Does any one know what the best solution for body building? Would an Abs Diet help? Please revert (10 Apr 2008)
3 Day Diet advice: Any reviews or opinions on a 3 Day Diet. Studying this for some time, please revert with any help? (10 Apr 2008)
Zone Diet advice: What does a Zone Diet mean? Whatever you can tell me will be great! (10 Apr 2008)
Weight Loss Diet: Explain advantages of Weight Loss Diet? (10 Apr 2008)
Vitamin rich diet: What food gives a good amount of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3? ( 4 Feb 2008)
Cataract symptoms: What is the best way to relieve Cataract symptoms? ( 3 Feb 2008)
Blood pressure advice: How much time can a person live with 10 - 20 bp? ( 2 Feb 2008)
Weight gain advice: My wife is only of 40 kg and looks very thin her height is 5'4" but she is fit. Everybody advise her to look a little healthy what should she do to gain 10 kg. ( 2 Feb 2008)
Epilepsy health advice: Is disorder in blood circulation and pain in fingers and hand is related to epilepsy disorder? ( 1 Feb 2008)
Vegetarian food chart: I am a female, height 5ft1in, weight 78kgs, age30yrs. Can u give me an ideal daily diet chart? I am a vegetarian ( 1 Feb 2008)
Ulcerative colitis treatment: I have ulcerative colitis since 4 year. I am suffering lot, please advice what should I do. Would surgery work or not? ( 7 Feb 2008)
Diet for toddler: How to prepare a balance diet chart for 1 to 5 years child and this balanced diet should be cost effective? (27 Jan 2008)
Hair loss remedies: Previously I was in Indore since last 12 years and now I relocated at Jamshedpur from 1st December 2007. I am facing the severe hair loss problem since last one month. Please guide me to stop hair loss. (25 Jan 2008)
Evening primrose oil for sexual vigor: Male aged 30 years, can I use evening primrose oil with vitamin. E to improve my sex power. (25 Jan 2008)
Diet nutrition: I need a list of diet foods or foods to eat while I am on a diet. I am trying to stay on a 1500 cal diet a day. Thank you. (10 Apr 2008)
Red currents heath benefits: Are the seeds in red currants harmful to us? Your response would be appreciated please. John Dobson (10 Apr 2008)
Quit chewing of tobacco: I am serious chewer of tobacco, but my resolution for this year is to quit from this habit and to no longer eat all this stuff, please will u let is there any medicine to quit from this bad habit. (30 Dec 2007)
Gallstones diet: Is it alright to eat popcorn for a person with gallstones? (28 Feb 2008)
Exercise and diet for weight loss: How to loss weight gained due to hypo thyroid, please mention the diet to be followed and the exercise that has to be done specially for abdomen, thighs and buttocks? (28 Feb 2008)
Daily diet for weight loss: Can you tell me the daily diet that has to be followed to loss weight? (28 Feb 2008)
Hair loss cure and diet: What is the good cream ayurvedic for hair loss? What is the diet restriction to stop the hair fall? (26 Feb 2008)
Infant diet meal plan: What the chart of Nine months child? (26 Feb 2008)
Vegetarian weight loss diet: I need a vegetarian weight loss menu plan, something I can pull out and follow without having to write or change the menu myself. A menu plan to cover two to three weeks would be ideal. (24 Feb 2008)
Ulcer diet: what are diets that are good for an ulcer patient? (24 Feb 2008)
Exercises and diet for weight loss: I am a 22 year girl with height of 5.1 inches and weight of 79.5 kgs .I have joined the gym since 1 month can u please suggest me exercises and diet to lose weight in short period of time. (I feel very hungry when I eat (23 Feb 2008)
Thigh toning tips: How to reduce thigh fat! (21 Feb 2008)
Body building nutrition: What is the best food for build body? (21 Feb 2008)
Weight loss diet: I am 22 year girl with height 5.2 and weight 80kgs. I have started going to gym since 15 days so please suggest a diet and exercises and how many calories should I consume daily to lose weight (I was 68 one year back) (20 Feb 2008)
GM diet and salt intake: Can I consume salt if i follow the General Motors Weight Loss Diet Program (20 Feb 2008)
Weight gain tips: Hello I am 21 yrs old and my weight is 56 kg. I want to gain weight upto 65 kg and develop my biceps. What to do? (19 Feb 2008)
Diet after gall bladder surgery: Three days before my mother underwent gall bladder stone operation. What kind of foods shall she consume now & tell me necessary precautions. Thank you. (18 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for healthy hair: to maintain healthy hair, to control the hair loss and control the weight loss. (16 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for weight gain: My height in 5'1 and my weight is 41kg, what should I have to do to increase my weight? (17 Feb 2008)
Ameobosis diet and cure: What is the treatment for ameobosis. What is the diet for this condition? (12 Jan 2008)
Advice on weight loss: Hi I want to loose weight my height is 6.1 and weight is 93 how much should be my weight I want to reduce around my tummy. Should I do a surgery or it will get all right by medicines (16 Mar 2008)
Diet for old age: I am 71 year old men. Height- 5.5 inch, weight-76 kg. I would like to know what is my correct diet in this age. (15 Mar 2008)
Advice on appendix: I had appendix pain two week back, I took antibiotic, now I am feeling better. What do you suggest for further treatment and diet? Can we wait or should we take action for surgery? (15 Mar 2008)
Migraines due to menstrual cycle: I suffer from migraine once a month right after my period it lasts 2 days. I've tried taking all sorts of medication to relieve from the pain, but nothing works. Do you recommend anything for that pain and how can I stop (14 Mar 2008)
Weight loss for nursing mother: I am a mother of 5 month old son. I want to reduce weight. I am 66 kg and 5ft4inchs. I want to reduce at least 10 kg. I am a nursing mother. Suggest me a diet plan. (11 Mar 2008)
Diet to gain muscle: What should I eat to gain 40 lbs of muscle instead of training every day? (11 Mar 2008)
Diet to gain Weight: How can I get to 200lbs my weight is 160lbs? (11 Mar 2008)
Cycling for weight loss: Does riding bike help you lose weight (11 Mar 2008)
Dietary advice: What should I eat for meals when my family prepares Indian food? (14 Mar 2008)
Advice on weight loss: I am 15 and I want to lose weight though I am not obese. What should I eat to do so? (14 Mar 2008)
Natural treatment for weight gain: My weight is 50kg & height is 5' 9''. Please help me to increase my weight. Though after joining gym I gained 3 kg that's all. (13 Mar 2008)
Diet for healthy brain: A diet for optimal brain functioning (10 Mar 2008)
Low fat diet: What are the nutritional consequences of a low-fat diet? ( 9 Mar 2008)
Diet for weight gain: I am a thin person having weight of 52 kg; my height is 175cm. age 18. What I have to do to gain good physic? ( 8 Mar 2008)
Dietary advice to gain weight: how to gain weight and mass in summer ?give me some tips ( 8 Mar 2008)
Advice on salt intake: I have a habit of taking extra salt in my diet which I am trying to remove, what are the disadvantages of high salt intake and how can they be cured? ( 7 Mar 2008)
Home remedies for belly weight loss: How can I reduce my belly fat it's difficult for me to leave food any kind of food tell some easy method if possible. Thanks in advance ( 7 Mar 2008)
Diet Chart For Kids: Diet chart of 3 year old girl baby? ( 4 Mar 2008)
Natural Treatment for Weight Loss: I am a working lady and my job demands long hours of sitting. My height is 5feet and my weight is 60kg. Please tell me how can I reduce my excess weight through diet? ( 6 Mar 2008)
Dietary advice for peptic ulcer: Diet food for adolescent ulcer patient ( 4 Mar 2008)
Natural treatment for ulcer pain: I am in great pain, cant sleep, upper stomach, peptic ulcer? what can I do to get rid of pain fast to go to sleep? David ( 3 Mar 2008)
Natural Treatment for hiatus hernia: Does alcohol irritate a hiatus hernia ( 1 Mar 2008)
Dietary advice for kids: what is diet chart of 1 to 5 year child ( 3 Mar 2008)
Dietary advice for kids: Healthy vegetarian menu for my 4 year old son (29 Feb 2008)
Information on diet pills: if I will do the three day diet with diet pills how many pounds I will loose (28 Feb 2008)
Gallbladder stones diet: So is there a food suggestion or menu guide in the form of a book or something like that to help people with gallbladder stones make the right choices? ( 4 Apr 2008)
Ideal body weight tips: I am 19 yr old male my height is 5'11 and my weight is 76kgs. Suggest a nutritional diet and what I have to eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner? ( 4 Apr 2008)
Importance of breakfast: What is the reason for having those nutritious foods in breakfast? ( 4 Apr 2008)
Gall bladder treatment advice: I have Gall bladder stone so I have to go do Hide Scan Test to see how many stones do I have and I'll do the surgery so could you help me what do I do. Thanks a lot. ( 4 Apr 2008)
Dental Caries prevention with diet: diet for caries prevention. ( 1 Jan 2008)
Dandruff and hair loss cure: I am 19 year old girl, I have dandruff and hair falling problem. My dandruff is not dry it is wet. Please advice. ( 1 Jan 2008)
Reducing weight advice: Hi, I am 23 yrs of age & I am obese. My weight is 120 kgs & my height is 5 feet 6 inches. Can u please help me in reducing weight? Is taking white oats in breakfast a healthy option? Please help ( 1 Jan 2008)
Hair fall natural cures: What are the possible home treatments for hair loss? (30 Dec 2007)
Natural treatment to reduce tummy fat: I am 24 yrs old. I want to know that what I can do to reduce my tummy fat & is their any way to reduce my breasts .please suggest me. (16 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for lactose allergy: Respected Doctor, I have 1.5 Yrs old baby girl with fine health. She has actute either Milk/Lactose allergy. She is fine with ISOMIL powder (Abbott Inc).Can you suggest me any product which is Milk and Lactose free? (15 Feb 2008)
Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction: I have been suffering from impotency (erectile dysfunction) and premature ejaculation. I want its herbal treatment. (11 Feb 2008)
Balanced diet advice: What is an ideal diet for an infant, an adult and an old man? Should an athlete eat any special kind of food? Why? (27 Dec 2007)
Weight gain tips: My height is 6 feet and weight is 58 kg please suggest the diet for increase weight up to 65-70 kg (28 Dec 2007)
Foods for good eyesight and hair: I take a glass of soup made of spinach, carrot and tomato in breakfast. Is it good for eyes and hairs? (27 Dec 2007)
Diet and a work out plan advice: What is a way that I can eat and burn fat more so that I see it? I exercise and run as a moderate amount. Please tell me a diet and a work out plan. I like to run just for an open variety of suggestions. (26 Dec 2007)
Heartburn and peptic ulcers diet: Please what is the value of Onions, Garlic, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Cabbage, lime, melon in the treatment of heartburn and Peptic ulcers? (25 Dec 2007)
Diet for peptic ulcer patient: Is consuming apple, cucumber, cabbage, tomatoes, milk, mayonnaise dangerous or beneficial as part of a diet for peptic ulcer patient. (25 Dec 2007)
Body building tips: How much time it will take to build a good body. Would it take 2 yrs, 1 yrs etc. Please reply ( 3 Apr 2008)
Treatment for acid reflux: My doctor has me on omeperazole, prilosec and metoctopramide for gastritis, aren't they all the same thing? I have been having burning in my stomach since I started taking all three. (11 Feb 2008)
Home Remedies for weight loss: A food without carbohydrates which helps to take out the fat from the body & food timings. How to maintain diet (10 Feb 2008)
GM diet advice: In GM diet can I consume wonder soup for all seven days of the program? ( 3 Apr 2008)
Diet for gastritis and acid reflex: I need a diet chart for chronic gastritis and acid reflex. Thanks ( 3 Apr 2008)
Advice on rapid weight loss: I want to lose 10-15 kg in 1 1/2 month ( 7 Feb 2008)
Dietary tip on spices: I need a dietary suggestion about reducing the intake of spices ( 3 Apr 2008)
Diabetes health advice: Karthik aged 28 yrs, diabetic. Whether diabetes is transferable by sexual intercourse with the opposite partner. Does saliva from the mouth is harmful when he or she is being kissed. ( 3 Apr 2008)
Facial fat removal tips: Need natural methods to reduce the fat of my face? ( 3 Apr 2008)
Weight loss by jaw wiring: Is it a good idea to get my jaw wired for weight loss? ( 3 Apr 2008)
Facial hair advice: Facial hair....Iíve read sometimes when people do a liver cleanse facial hair becomes lighter is this true? (24 Aug 2007)
GM Motors Diet advice: Is it okay to eat fruits on the 2nd day of the GM Motors Diet? (23 Aug 2007)
Diet plan for ulcer: A days diet for ulcer patient (30 Oct 2007)
Advice on food for gastritis: Is skimmed milk important for a gastritis (29 Oct 2007)
Diet for weight loss: My daughter is 12years old and she is a swimmer. She is a bit overweight and embarrassed to participate in any school activities. Could you please give me a diet plan for her. (22 Oct 2007)
Home treatment for diarrhoea: Should a foot bath for the treatment of diarrhoea be be used? (20 Oct 2007)
Weight gain diet: I am 26 year old girl..i am just 39kg..i need to put weight..please advise me what i have to do.. ( 6 Nov 2007)
Health advice on food to eat: Are tomato and chili seeds bad for health ( 6 Nov 2007)
Advice on asthma: Is there any link asthma & meat ( 8 Nov 2007)
Home preparation of whey protein: How to make whey protein at home as its market products are costly ( 8 Nov 2007)
Advice on irregular menses: I am unmarried 28yr but since very begning i dnt get my periods regularly as per doctor due to hormonal imbalance.please suggest smething ( 9 Nov 2007)
Advice for increasing height: hi ...i am 22yrs. Boy. My height is around 168cms...i would like to be mom and dad are 1 inch shorter than me, but my bro is quite tall. .so is there a chance i can achieve it...what should be done (11 Nov 2007)
Health advice on headache: I am frequently suffering from one side headache from last 15 yrs,the pain shifts from right to left side . (12 Nov 2007)
Food for detoxification: Which juice to drink daily to detoxification of body. i am male,age is 27, height 5'5'' weight 50 kg (12 Nov 2007)
Diet for heart attack: Tell me best diet for heart patient my husband he is 36 and have minor attack i want to give him better diet (13 Nov 2007)
Diet plan for ulcer: I am searching for a diet plan for ulcer patients. (16 Nov 2007)
Gastric reflux diet: hello,i need a diet chart for chronic gastric and reflux.can you emil me one?thanks (19 Nov 2007)
Question on importance of milk: how milk is important in our diet (19 Nov 2007)
Diet for weight gain: Do you have any weight gaining sample menus? Or website where I can find one. I am non-vegetararian and enjoy American and Hispanic foods. I am 29 years old 5'7 (20 Nov 2007)
Advice on diet: have you got a week diet plan that you can send to my email address? ps thankyou (21 Nov 2007)
Weight gain diet: i m 28years old. my height is 5 feet 8 inch but weight is only 45 kgs....i want increase my can i do that? (23 Nov 2007)
Food nutrition for weight loss: I eat a jowar and bajra roti everyday. I want to lose weigth. Is it ok. (27 Nov 2007)
Advice on larynx: what is larynx (28 Nov 2007)
Weight loss remedy: how to take jeera for weight loss? (28 Nov 2007)
Advice on GM diet: can the GM diet soup be taken on day one of the diet?? (29 Nov 2007)
Jaundice diet: what are the things(solid/liquid) that a jaundice patient should not eat/drink? I would be grateful for the answer sir (29 Nov 2007)
Dandruff and hair loss remedies: Im 25 years old male suffering from severe itching,oily drandruff & harifall from the last five years (29 Nov 2007)
Advice on increasing height: Hi! I am 22 n having the height of 169 cms.I just wanted to ask is there any possibility for me to increase my height at this age and what should I do in order to do that? ( 2 Dec 2007)
Advice on bladder surgery: what are the harms and after effects of removing gall bladder and what kind of diet should be taken after that ( 2 Dec 2007)
Advice for gall bladder stone: Is it necessary to get operated if somebody has gall bladder stone or the stone can be removed through some medication and which medication should be prefered? ( 2 Dec 2007)
Weight gain remedies: i m 24 years and my weight is 46,married.i need to put on weight.i got tifight last year after that i loose my weight .will u plz help me out how i can put on weight as i look very thin.thanks. ( 6 Dec 2007)
Weight loss diet: How to reduce belly and hip (10 Dec 2007)
Diet plan for T.B.: in the t.b infection.should we avoid rices\,flour.flesh. (10 Dec 2007)
Dry skin diet: I am 16yrs old girl. my prob is that during winter my skin gets too dry. so what kind of meal should i take? ( 7 Dec 2007)
GM diet advice: As I am Hindu I can not consume beef.So what is the GM vegetarian diet plan or program for weight loss. can I consume goat or lamb flesh and can i have wonder soup for all 7 days of diet? (14 Dec 2007)
Psoriasis remedies: i am suffering from psoriasis for the last 7years and i want to know daily home diet chart and other tips to cure psoriasis please send a mail to yhis id thank you (15 Dec 2007)
Hepatitis health advice: During the teatment of viral hepatities how to control fever & Nausea (15 Dec 2007)
Skin complexion advice: what to do get back my original complexion of my face? (16 Dec 2007)
Advice on wheat grass: how can i make wheat grass powder at home? (16 Dec 2007)
Child diet: what would be the ideal healthy diet for 3 year old kid who is so fussy about foods? (18 Dec 2007)
Information on 1200 calorie diet: Thanks for the answer. could you pls. send 1200 calorie chart . so that i can follow that chart. thanking you (20 Dec 2007)
Diet for TB: cab TB patients eat Non-veg food? If no why ? If yes why? (19 Dec 2007)
Psoriasis treatment: can wheat grass cure psoriasis? what treatment is better for this disease? (23 Dec 2007)
Tummy reduction exercise: i am a mother of a yr old baby. i have managed to loose most of my pregnancy weight but the fat n the tummy just refuses to go. i cannot go for walk or gym as the baby is small. what can i do to loose this tummy fat? (20 Dec 2007)
Gastric food: What kinds of foods causes gastritis? ( 2 Jan 2008)
Acidic urine remedy: How to overcome acidic urine ( 2 Jan 2008)
Mouth ulcer causes: I have been getting a lot of mouth ulcers. What causes this problem? ( 8 Jan 2008)
Gallbladder stone diet: diet for gallbladder stone patient ( 6 Jan 2008)
Healthy diet plan: what is balance diet ( 5 Jan 2008)
Aging remedies: i'm a 33 years skin has started to be aged.what's the best thing or excersice for face lifting?so,specially,what's the best for lifting the around the lips? (10 Jan 2008)
Weight loss diet: i am a woman with high weight.i am tv show can i lose my weight?my body has apple shape.what should i do to have small breast? (10 Jan 2008)
Remedy for maintaining basal cortisol level: my basal cortisol level was 2.6 on ACTH stimulation test it was 34 after half an hour readings were 29 i it necessary for me to steriods please advise .wt=35 age 22 iam underweight (11 Jan 2008)
Hemoglobin deficiency diet: wat diet can v prescribe for hemoglobin deficiency (13 Jan 2008)
Gallstone diet: can you give me a list of the foods i can not eat when i have gallstones, and what i can't eat when i have my gall bladder removed. (14 Jan 2008)
Cough remedies: is raw ginger good for a cough? (15 Jan 2008)
Diet after removal of gall bladder: how about a person without gall bladder? what is your diet advice? (15 Jan 2008)
Information on blood protein: causes of low blood protein (16 Jan 2008)
Information on lactose in the stomach: what is the percentage of lactose in the stomach (16 Jan 2008)
Lipid profile dietary advice: Dietary advice related to lipid profile? (16 Jan 2008)
Advice for reducing hand fats: compare to my body, my hands are very fat. Any exercise for it ? pls suggest (17 Jan 2008)
How to reduce tummy: i am 36 years old and my tummy grows bigger and bigger i don't have time to go the gym what execise do i do (22 Jan 2008)
Giddiness treatment: I am in 43 yrs female, having hypothyroid, and recently having a giddiness problem whilst walking. Can walk for too long. I am having cyst in my both my breasts. is there any treatment for the giddiness. (20 Jan 2008)
Healthy diet remedies: how to train ourselves to have healthy diet (24 Jan 2008)
Diet plan for children: please explain me how to prepare a blance diet chart for 1-5 years children? (27 Jan 2008)
Information on soyabean oil: I heard Vitamin E is present in soyabean oil...but by cooking soyabean will Vitamin E will be present..E is present sunflower do u mean we should drink sunflower oil or cook something in safflower oil and have (28 Jan 2008)
Weight loss remedies: i am overweight by24 kgs,5ft1in is my height,31yrs, can you give me a diet chart ( 1 Feb 2008)
Gall bladder diet: Diet for Gall Bladder (31 Jan 2008)
Anal Fistula Advice: I have been suffering from fistula in ano for about 15 years. Surgical treatment is risky for anal sphincter. Is there any non surgical treatment for this fistula? (11 Feb 2008)
Infant milk diet: how much milk a day should a 18 month old have ( 9 Jan 2008)
Hair care diet: diet for good hair ( 3 Jan 2008)
Weight loss diet: Hello, I would like you to give me a healthy diet plan that will help me to achive my goal by losing weight from certain areas. Could you please do this? ( 2 Jan 2008)
Weight loss diet plan: what are the food items, which i should avoid or add to my diet if i wish to loose my body weight? (19 Dec 2007)
Hip reduction exercise: i want to reduce my butt fat, thighs...!! I'm not in proportion!! (18 Dec 2007)
Question on weight loss: I am 32 age,female, I want reduce 10 kg. I am now 72kg. (16 Dec 2007)
Weight reducing diet: my height is 5'3. My weight is 78 kg. Could you pls. advice me how can i reduce my weight ? (17 Dec 2007)
Perfect diet plan: what generally a person should not eat other than oily item? (16 Dec 2007)
Advice on balance diet: why is it imporatant to have a balanced and nutritous die???? ( 8 Dec 2007)
Hi, I am suffering from chronic Sinusities.I lost the intest in life due to this 24 hours my nose is running I cant breath,Cant even walk always feel heavy body and got big dark cricles arround eye plz help me in this (11 Dec 2007)
Diet plan for menopause: just wanted a diet for menopausal indian women (10 Dec 2007)
Benefit of drinking vinegar: Is it good for you to drink vinegar? if yes how much a day should one drink? (30 Jul 2007)
Health benefits of apple vinegar: what benefits would taken some apple vinegar have, and how much should one take a day? (30 Jul 2007)
Remedies for diarrhea: Treatment of diarrhoea (20 Oct 2007)
Dietary advice for heart patient: Diet for heart patient (10 Oct 2007)
Diet recommended for heart attack: My father has jus suffered a heartattack twice in 5 days. he underwent angioplasty for one blockage and still has one vien blokced.the attact was due to thicking of blood due to his smokin.wut diet can be given to him? (27 Sep 2007)
Weight loss and gall bladder surgery: I have been having trouble losing weight i found out that i might need to get gall bladder remove will i gain or lose weight if i get this surgery (26 Sep 2007)
Allowed diet for gallstone: Food allowed for patient with gallstone (25 Sep 2007)
Vegitables for constipation and anemia: What vegetables you recomend for a patient with constipation and anemia (24 Sep 2007)
Food suppliment for weight gain: hi im jen i would like to ask which food should i include in my diet so that i could gain weight? is there any food supplements you could advice to me that would help me in gaining weight? thanks a lot! (20 Sep 2007)
Treatment for diarrhoea: What is the treatment of diarrhoea (20 Sep 2007)
Diet chart for Heart Patient : my father has been bypass operation of heart on dated 5 sep 2007.he is also a diabetics & i also inform you he is also hiperitus B positive.his age is 57 year old & his weight is 87 kg. kindly requeted to you please send t (16 Sep 2007)
Diet for Hypoglacimia and weight loss: I am trying to loose bit of weight from my tummy.I am trying to reduce my sugar intake but my problem is that I am Hypoglycemic.Can you pelase let me know what I can do. Will greatly appreciate Thanks Nirzari (16 Sep 2007)
Diet advice: hi i am gaurav my height is 5'10 inches i am weighing 90kgs kindly advice (14 Sep 2007)
Effect of acidic diet on Ulcer: Is Acidic diet effects the ulcer? (14 Sep 2007)
Remedy for weight gain: Hi! I am 24 yrs old girl and my height is 5.1 and weight is only 38 kgs. Kindly advise me on weight gain. . I really want to gain weight ASAP. (14 Sep 2007)
Cancer in human: How do carcinogens cause cancers in humans, how do they get inside people to start causing a cancer. (13 Sep 2007)
Food for gall bladder: What is the best diet for a person who has gall bladder stones as removal of gall bladder has been recommended ( 7 Sep 2007)
Question on weight gain: My hight is 6 ft and my weight is only 52 Kg. i want to gain weight. how? (10 Sep 2007)
Cures for Genital Warts: How do you cure genital Warts? ( 9 Sep 2007)
What to eat for Gout: Kidny beans or any other beans or pulses can be taken by a gout patient? ( 7 Sep 2007)
Diet for Alcoholism: What foods specifically are good for treatment of alcoholism ( 5 Sep 2007)
Age to take protein shakes: What age should you be to start taking protein shakes ( 4 Sep 2007)
Question on balanced weight: Is it normal that i am not loosing nor increasing my weight even though I am eating too much and sometimes very tired from work? ( 2 Sep 2007)
Question on Kidney: I have excess fats round my hip , does it affect the kidney by any means ? (30 Aug 2007)
Diet Chart for Different People: Can i have a chart of balanced diet for different age groups (24 Aug 2007)
Diet for Weight Loss: I want to loose weight within 1 month.plz let me know what to do.If u can tell me what to eat thatis the diet chart.I am a Female. Weight is 65 Kg height is 5 inch. (21 Aug 2007)
Diet chart to increase weight: hi, i am 27, 5ft 9inch tall has 50 kg. please give diet chart to increase weight up to 64-65 kg. I\'m suffering from acidity. ( 8 Aug 2007)
Diet for Diabetic Persons: Does a diabetic person has to intake food in small quantity regulary. Being orthodox and on religious belief , we undertake fasting. Advise if we can be on fast. we intake Fruits in a fast. (12 Aug 2007)
Question on Epigastric Pain: I always get an epigastric pain and body temperature elevated after taking fruits like a durian and rambutans...why this conditions occur? (15 Aug 2007)
Question on fat and sugarfree biscuits: Name few fat replacer and sugar replacer which can be used in biscuit without much affecting texture taste and bite (17 Aug 2007)
Question on PMS pimples: How to deal with PMS pimples (20 Aug 2007)
Diet chart to increase weight: hi, i am 27, 5ft 9inch tall has 50 kg. please give diet chart to increase weight up to 64-65 kg. I'm suffering from acidity. ( 7 Aug 2007)
Dietary Advice for weight loss: Hi can you name some juices that i can use to lose my weight ( 4 Aug 2007)
Use of lemon juice and salt for backache: How much lemon juice and salt do i use for backache (13 Jul 2007)
Question on eating boiled cauliflower: How many boiled cauliflowers can i eat per day? (12 Jul 2007)
Juices for gallbladder: For your Gallbladder what are the best juices to be drinking and should they be strickly from a juicer or are there any juices on the market you reccomend?? (10 Jul 2007)
Diet chart for children: Balance diet chart for 1to5 year children including fats carbohydrates protien vitamins minerals ( 9 Jul 2007)
Fat reduction remedy: HOW I REDUCE MY FAT OF LEG AND SEAT? ( 5 Jul 2007)
Meaning of sugar spots: What are sugar spots? why doesn't my sugar test show i have sugar? my skin doctor said i have sugar spots. ( 2 Jul 2007)
Daily Diet Chart: I need a diet chart.Can you emal me one? I also need a planned menu. (23 Jun 2007)
Diet for weight loss:Could you please write me out a diet because i need one and i would like to lose weight! (21 Jun 2007)
Food advice for gallstones: Are foods with seeds such as tomatoes or strawberries and nuts such as pecans, walnuts, etc. okay to eat for someone with a suspected gallbladder gall stones diet. Is there any advice you can give on foods for and against ga (15 Jun 2007)
Gastritic Treatment: Had Acute Attack of Gastritis. Allergic to all fruits in your gastritis diet and dairy.What do I eat? (About all I can eat is spinach and mangos)HELP! (14 Jun 2007)
Advice on inflammation diet: Diet for inflammation ( 8 Jun 2007)
Question on Jaundice: Is first phase of jaundice also communicable? ( 4 Jun 2007)
Dietary advice for plasma uric acid: Hi, 1) To eat or to avoid watermelon for plasma uric acid. 2) levels of plasma uric acid before and after consumption of watermelon. Thank you in advance. (17 Apr 2007)
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