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Weight loss diet

How to reduce belly and hip
(April 2, 2008)

Diet to Lose Weight 

Weight loss is achieved in an easier manner, with the help of a strict diet and regular exercise. Exercise helps in burning the excess deposited fat. This is especially necessary, in case of individuals with sedentary activity. Weight lifting, aerobics, walking and jogging are the various kinds of exercises that help in weight loss. Abdomen is reduced by abdomen crunches.

Lie down flat and place hands on the sided. Push your legs up and slowly try touching the legs with your shoulders. Yoga and meditation are alternate therapies of weight loss.

Weight reduction in particular areas is not possible. The area of reduction begins at different places for different individuals. A high fibre, low calorie diet is consumed. Increase your intake of complex carbohydrates, by opting for more fresh vegetables and fruits. About eight to ten glasses of water are recommended per day. Cooking method also determines the calorie intake. Resort to boiling and pressure cooking, rather than deep fat frying. Avoid fried foods and processed foods, as the sodium content are high. Nuts are advantageous to a restricted amount, as they are calorie dense. Avoid smoking and drinking.

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