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GM diet and salt intake

Can I consume salt if i follow the General Motors Weight Loss Diet Program
(November 2, 2010)

GM Diet And Salt

The GM diet has caused a lot of ripples in the diet world. This diet, which is practiced over a few weeks, can help you lose about 16 to 17 pounds in a week. Unlike some of the other popular diets, the GM diet has also been tested by the John Hopkins Research Center and was found to be really effective. The GM diet was introduced first for the wellness of the GM employees and their families. It was ascertained that healthy employees are happy employees, and the desk bound jobs often did not give them the opportunity to be this happy.

The diet also has systematic cleansing affects due to which it can have many beneficial effects on the people who are following the diet. The main benefit of this diet is that the food consumed during this diet burns more calories than it piles up, thus effectively helping in weight loss. Since the diet is also very high in roughage, it helps in flushing away the toxins, thus giving you a healthier body. Your disposition will be improved and you will also have a healthier body.

GM diet and salt have no relationship. Unlike so many other diets in which you are not allowed to have salt, GM diet and salt restrictions do not go together. When you are on the GM diet, you can eat salt in your food. If you’re on a GM diet, salt in your cooking is also permissible. In fact, not only can salt be added to your food, any kind of cooking method can also be used. Like the relationship between the GM diet and salt, spices also do not play a role in the GM diet. Hence, you can use as many spices as you want to prepare your food. The GM diet is very simple and stresses on raw foods with lots of roughage, instead of foods that are made of refined flours and other refined products that are easy to digest.

On the first day of the GM diet, you are asked to have all kinds of fruits, except for bananas. During the first day, you are allowed to eat nothing other than fruits. Melons and loupes are considered to be the best, and therefore, it is better to have these as many times as you want to. On the second day of the diet, you have to give up fruits and move to vegetables. You can consume as many raw or cooked vegetables as you want. Start with two large baked potatoes for breakfast, and then carry on with other vegetables like carrots, broccoli, gourd, zucchini, tomatoes, and others.

On the third day, you can consume both fruits and vegetables of your choice. However, do not consume any bananas or potatoes on this day. The fourth day of the diet is especially reserved for milk and bananas. Consume as many bananas as you can and drink as many glasses of milk as you want to. You can also have a banana and milkshake, so long as do not add any sugar to it. There is a special soup recipe for a soup that is made on the fourth day. You can consume as much of this soup as you want to during the fourth day.

The day five of the diet is feast day, and you can eat anything you want on this day. Lean beef and hamburgers are also okay and can be consumed on this day. On day six, you can consume as much beef and vegetables as you wish. You can also consume white wine or champagne with the beef and vegetables, if you want. On the last day of the diet, only brown rice, vegetables, and fruit juices are permitted throughout the day.
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GM diet and salt intake 

The General Motors (GM) weight diet does not overtly mention about the intake of salt or any minerals in its foods during the days of dieting. Advocators of the GM diet are silent on the use of salt in the foods you will be consuming as part of the GM diet. However it is understood that salt can be part of the foods that you consume on day five of the diet. Since the first four days are concentrated on fruits, vegetables, blend of vegetables and fruits, bananas and milk respectively, the option of eating cooked food falls on the fifth day.

On day five, beef and tomatoes are part of the menu. To cook beef you will need to add salt either as part of the marinade or seasoning. To prepare or make beef it is recommended you add salt to the beef which can also be seasoned with a fair amount of spices as determined by the amount you consume. However increase the water intake on day five as you may be have an build up of extra amounts of uric acid. Opt for lemon juice in place of salt, if you are still unsure about adding salt during the GM diet, as lemon juice as healthier benefits and also do not compromise on taste. 

Submitted by C N on April 9, 2008 at 12:29


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