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Dietary advice for heart patient

Diet for heart patient
(October 13, 2010)

Heart Patient Diet 

People who suffer from heart related problems are often advised to
follow a special, low fat diet that is high in vitamins, mineral and certain nutrients. It is important for them to follow a special heart patient diet that restricts the intake of foods that are high in fat and cholesterol. It can be a bit of a challenge for anybody to figure out what foods should be permitted in a diet for heart patients and which ones should not. One of the most important factors is identifying the difference between a healthy long-term diet plan and a fad diet. When heart patients are put on one crash diet after the other, without seeing much success, they can lose hope and the motivation to eat healthy foods.

In fact, several people also feel depressed, because they have to follow a special diet, very carefully.

The good news is that following a healthy “heart patient diet” neither has to be depressing, nor confusing, as there are several options and food items that are a part of such a diet.

• Foods that are rich in Vitamin C are good for heart patients, as it can help boost the immune system in a person and can reduce the risks of any complications. However, oranges and lemons should not be the only source of Vitamin C in a heart patient diet. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and cabbage are very high in Vitamin C too.
• The level of sugar in the blood should be controlled even by those heart patients that are not suffering from diabetes. Therefore, foods that are high in sugar, white flour and other simple carbs should be avoided or even preferably eliminated from a heart patient diet. Foods that contain whole wheat flour are preferable to products that are made from refined flout.
• Skipping meals, especially breakfast, is strongly discouraged by any healthy diet. It is better to eat six small meals each day, instead of two or three large meals. The meals that should be a part of a heart patient diet are breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner and a snack.
• Eating foods that contain over 6 grams of soy protein in each serving, is excellent for reducing cholesterol by up to 10%. For people who don’t eat soybean or tofu, there are other options, like cereals that have been fortified with soy.
• Several people are asked to go on a soup diet for heart patients. This could include clear celery soup, cabbage soup or any other soup that restricts the intake of fats.
• The diet for a heart patient should have no more than 30% of the calories that are from fat and no more than 10% of the calories that are from saturated fat. Therefore, foods that are a part for animal products will need to be strictly avoided.

It is important to consult a doctor, for information on calorie intake as well as cooking suggestions. People suffering from any medical condition should never start a diet without asking a doctor first, be it a chronic renal failure diet or a heart patient diet.


Submitted by S M on October 13, 2010 at 11:45


Try the following dietary tips for heart patients -

  • Try to lose weight if you are above your ideal body. This should be a gradual process, so avoid any fad diets or quick weight loss methods.
  • Quality of fat is more important than quantity. Along with reducing the quantity emphasize on omega 3 fats in the diet; this can be done in the form of adding flaxseeds and fish.
  • Avoid consumption of margarine, oily or fried foods, red meat, sweet preparations like cakes, pastries, margarine and carbonated drinks.
  • Foods high in magnesium helps to protect heart, include foods such as broccoli, potatoes, tofu, spinach, and wheat germ.
  • Include at least 8-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in a day’s diet and 1 serving of green leafy vegetable daily.
  • Avoid taking any kind of stress or strain may it be physical or psychological. 
Submitted by S M on October 26, 2007 at 06:37


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