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Weight loss remedies

i am overweight by24 kgs,5ft1in is my height,31yrs, can you give me a diet chart
(April 1, 2008)

Tips for Weight loss

Hi! You have failed to mention your weight. How did you come to know that, you are overweight by 24 kgs? A diet chart for weight loss is prepared on the basis of age, height, weight, activity pattern and dietary regimen. Any prescribed diet for weight loss is a modification of the present diet.

Activity or occupation determines the energy requirement. General guidelines can be followed. Skipping meals is not recommended. Increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Go in for natural juices, if required, without adding sugar. Cereals, whole grains and legumes are also preferred. Clear soups or vegetable broths are included in the diet. Restrict the inclusion of fats in the diet. Combination of two oils, rich in monounsaturated or poly unsaturated fatty acids are recommended. The deficient essential fatty acids are thereby supplemented.

Avoid fried and processed foods. The latter are rich in sodium, which results in water retention, thereby increasing the weight. Physical activity is important in curbing weight gain. Exercise, in the form of walking or jogging is helpful. Meditation and yoga are alternate therapies, which also prove beneficial. 

BMI (Body Mass Index) chart or bmi chart is used by professionals to give you a quick indication of your body weight status.  It will definately give you an idea of the exact weight you need to lose.

Submitted by E L on April 1, 2008 at 07:03


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