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Weight loss diet

Hello, I would like you to give me a healthy diet plan that will help me to achive my goal by losing weight from certain areas. Could you please do this?
(January 7, 2008)

Diet plan :-

  • You should take fibrous food and fat free diet in day and night.
  • But you should take little amount of butter also.
  • In lunch -- You can take the soup of green vegetables and tamato with two or three breads and pulses.
  • In dinner- you can take yoghurt, cheeze and breads.
  • You should take spourated gram and barley.
  • You should take germinated gram, mixed pulses and soyabeans.
  • Morning and evening walk is also important.
  • You avoid all types of fast foods and spicy foods.

Submitted by N K S on January 7, 2008 at 04:25


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