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Alli Diet for weight loss

Any opinions on Alli Diet for losing weight. Studying this for some time, pl revert with any help?
(November 10, 2010)

Alli Diet for weight loss

With the increasing focus on weight loss and the dangers of obesity, a number of diet plans, exercise regimes and even weight loss supplements have come into the limelight. How effective these methods are is highly dependent on a number of variable factors including the metabolic rate of the individual’s body, the amount of commitment one has to the objective of weight loss as well as the kind of lifestyle that one leads. For instance, just because a certain type of exercise or diet plan works wonders on a close friend, there are simply no guarantees that the same will work on you, despite having the same level of commitment. Hormone and chemical makeup levels within the body differ from individual to individual and so it is important that an individual follows a customized weight loss plan to suit his or her own lifestyle. One of the most highly talked about new weight loss programs is known as the alli diet.

It incorporates an over the counter pill that is the first over the counter FDA approved drug for weight loss.

The purpose of the supplement is primarily to prevent the body from absorbing some of the dietary fat consumed through the course of the day. The experts claim that it blocks as much as 25% of all consumed fat. Alli dieting comes with a specific diet plan and exercise regime that, when combined properly, assures you of losing up to 50% of your weight. The alli diet supplement package contains about 60 capsules along with some of the literature that is important to follow. The literature will tell you of the importance of setting a goal for weight loss – taking into account the amount of food you consume as well as the amount of exercise you get. The alli diet plan focuses on the individual having to take a capsule after each meal that contains fat, up to a maximum of about 3 capsules in a single day. It is important to understand that a lot of the effectiveness of alli dieting depends on the commitment that one shows. As with almost any other diet or weight loss program, alli dieting requires the individual to show some amount of restraint and ability to portion control their meals.

Exercising is another important aspect of the diet plan and will go a long way into helping burn off the excess fat. Adequate water intake is essential as is the consumption of multi vitamins on a daily basis.

Submitted by S C on November 10, 2010 at 04:58


Alli Diet for weight loss 

The Alli diet plan works with the reduced absorption of fat from your diet. The unabsorbed fat is sent out through the stools, thereby resulting in bowel changes. They are loose stools at an increased frequency and gas with oily spotting. Limiting the dietary fats to three teaspoons is helpful and reduces the change in bowel. It assures fifty per cent more loss of weight, rather than dieting alone.

A low fat and reduced calorie diet is recommended, thereby burning the fat that is stored. The results with each individual differ. Regular physical activity with a strict diet helps in weight loss in the first two weeks. About 25 per cent fat from the diet is blocked, resulting in weight loss. A multivitamin is recommended, prior to bed, thereby ensuring the absorption of vitamins, A, D, E and K. They prove to be effective with a low fat diet and regular exercise.

Side effects are seen with a high fat diet, alongside the usage of alli. Rectal discharge and flatulence are the common symptoms. The advantages of this product are its availability over-the-counter and fail to have any discomfort. No surgical procedures are involved. The risk of certain diseases related to obesity, such as diabetes mellitus, heart attack; renal problems and so on are averted. Take the guidance of your nutritionist for further help. 

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