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Food nutrition for weight loss

I eat a jowar and bajra roti everyday. I want to lose weigth. Is it ok.
(November 16, 2010)

Nutrition For Weight Loss

Before going on a diet for weight loss one should understand that to lose weight one should consume fewer calories as compared to the calories that are needed and used by the body. Calories are basically the amount of energy that is present in the food that one consumes. Some of the foods for weight loss are foods that should form part of the five main food groups so that one loses weight in a healthy manner. These food groups are vegetables, dairy, cereals and pulses, fruits and fish, poultry as well as meat products. Some of the sources of good nutrition for weight loss include salads which should be prepared out of foods such as beetroot, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cucumber and capsicum.

A salad dressing may be prepared from lemon and curds rather than the commercially available fatty salad dressings. In order to derive nutrition for weight loss from vegetables one should ensure that they do not overcook the vegetables as most of the nutrients will then be lost. As part of a diet for weight loss, rather than snacking on unhealthy snacks such as junk foods and biscuits one should much on frits such as grapes as a hundred grams of grapes contain only around 70 calories. However one should not overdo the consumption of grapes as they are also known to be high in sugar.

Similarly one may also contain fruits like watermelons, oranges and other such water based fruits as they keep one feeling full and satiated for longer periods of time  and hence one is not tempted to binge on other unhealthy foods. Many people may not include the consumption of potatoes as part of good nutrition for weight loss, however in most cases potatoes are not the problem but the way they are cooked is the main culprit. If the potatoes are fried then they tend to be high in fat and calories however if the potatoes are boiled or baked and consumed without any other fatty accompaniments then they can be an excellent source of energy, nutrition and carbohydrates. Good nutrition for weight loss also includes the consumption of high fiber cereals. Foods that are fiber rich tend to make the individual feel full for longer periods of time as they take time to get digested. Additionally they are low on calories and hence result in gradual weight loss as well if consumed on a regular basis. One should also consume plenty of whole grain cereals as they are rich in various nutrients essential for the maintenance of optimal health. Additionally grains are also an important source of energy for the body. Vegetables and fruits are required to form an integral part of any diet for weight loss as they are rich in various nutrient and vitamins such as potassium, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin A and even fiber. While deciding on the appropriate nutrition for weight one should ensure that they consume almost 3-4servings of fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

Similarly a diet for weight loss shoud also include plenty of protein rich foods as they help the body to build and also retain muscle mass and also provide the body with the energy required . Some of the excellent natural sources of proteins are eggs, fish, lean meats, beans, fish and so on. These foods also provide the body with sufficient quantities of iron and zinc which are essential minerals required by the body. Dairy products should also not be excluded from nutrition for weight loss. One may consume low fat or skimmed milk and milk products as they are rich a source of calcium which is required for the maintenance and the building of healthy and strong bones.

Submitted by A M on November 16, 2010 at 10:39


Diet for Weight Loss 

Yes it is perfectly fine to have a sorghum or pearl millet wheat tortilla everyday provided you don't top lot of clarified butter or butter or cream on it. Serving size of the wheat tortilla would also matter when you desire weight loss, which would largely depend on your oother food intake in the day. It is a nice idea to have a variety of cereals like sorghum and pearl millet instead of focusing only on wheat. Along with wheat and its products sorghum and pearl millet cal also be added in the diet. Make sure that the flour which you use to make sorghum and pearl millet wheat tortilla is not sieved with a sieve which has too tiny holes. Choose a sieve with moderate holes so that all the bran and finer is not lost, simply because this will provide fiber in your diet which will help you to lose weight. Also keep in mind that only this modification that is eating sorghum and pearl millet wheat tortilla would not help you to achieve desired weight loss. For an optimum weight loss you need to follow a combination of diet and exercise both. Don't have high targets, just a weight loss of ½ -1 kg in a week is perfectly appreciated. Remember that the weight you have gained is over a period of time, so don't try to shed it off in a short span. Along with some dietary modifications it is also important to exercise daily. For exercise you need not compulsorily join a gym, a brisk walk of about 40- 45 minutes would also work wonders in achieving your weight loss goal.

Submitted by S M on April 2, 2008 at 06:22


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