Home Remedies For Vitamin Deficiency | Vitamin Deficiency Treatment

By | March 25, 2010

Treating Vitamin Deficiency At Home

If you are suffering from vitamin deficiency, it is important to know exactly which vitamin you are deficient in. It is of no real use to you if you are deficient in vitamin A and then take nutritional supplements or medication that will add more vitamin K to the body! This will not help to do away with the vitamin A deficiency and will also not benefit you in any way by adding extra vitamin K to your body. Remember that excessive vitamins, or for that matter, any nutrients taken in excess will come out of the body via urine. Any nutritional excess can also place additional stress on your body and can lead to other complications. To take an overview of general vitamin based nutrition, you can eat foods that are rich in several vitamins and nutrients. This will help to reduce any deficiency you may have.

However, if you are suffering from something like a vitamin C deficiency, you may need to focus on more foods that contain this nutrient, or you may end up with scurvy, a side effect of this deficiency. Enrich your diet with lots of citrus fruits, guavas, kiwis, tomatoes, and vegetables such as broccoli, melons, Brussels sprouts, bell peppers, cauliflowers and turnips. Vitamin C is a nutrient you can always eat in large quantities. It not only helps with keeping bone and teeth health, it also boosts your immunity big time.

Vitamin A deficiency can be overcome by adding a lot of carrots to the diet. Among the best sources are also spinach, kale greens and sweet potato. Keep in mind that after pressure cooking, baking is the best way to cook fresh vegetables and still keep their maximum nutrient value intact. Try to employ these cooking methods for best results. Vitamin B deficiency can be overcome with a large number of foods, but again, it is essential to know what the exact nature of this deficiency is. There are more than five types of vitamins in the B group and each stand for different things.

If you do indeed have a vitamin B deficiency, your best bet is to go to the doctor and get a diagnosis of what you lack and therefore need, precisely. Vitamin D can be compensated with plenty of sea food, and cod liver oil in particular. Taking pills for this would be your best bet in overcoming the deficiency. Vitamin E is found in nuts and cocoa butter oil. Vitamin K is freely found in most green leafy vegetables.