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Healthy Diet Plans >>  Archive of Questions  >>  nov-2007
Total 23 questions posted in Nov-2007
Diet for hair loss: How can i protect hair loss by foods?? tel me the foods that used to protect hair loss. ( 6 Nov 2007)
Question on health: Why health club,what is the use of it? ( 1 Nov 2007)
Weight gain diet: I am 26 year old girl..i am just 39kg..i need to put weight..please advise me what i have to do.. ( 6 Nov 2007)
Health advice on food to eat: Are tomato and chili seeds bad for health ( 6 Nov 2007)
Advice on asthma: Is there any link asthma & meat ( 8 Nov 2007)
Home preparation of whey protein: How to make whey protein at home as its market products are costly ( 8 Nov 2007)
Advice on irregular menses: I am unmarried 28yr but since very begning i dnt get my periods regularly as per doctor due to hormonal imbalance.please suggest smething ( 9 Nov 2007)
Advice for increasing height: hi ...i am 22yrs. Boy. My height is around 168cms...i would like to be mom and dad are 1 inch shorter than me, but my bro is quite tall. .so is there a chance i can achieve it...what should be done (11 Nov 2007)
Health advice on headache: I am frequently suffering from one side headache from last 15 yrs,the pain shifts from right to left side . (12 Nov 2007)
Food for detoxification: Which juice to drink daily to detoxification of body. i am male,age is 27, height 5'5'' weight 50 kg (12 Nov 2007)
Diet for heart attack: Tell me best diet for heart patient my husband he is 36 and have minor attack i want to give him better diet (13 Nov 2007)
Diet plan for ulcer: I am searching for a diet plan for ulcer patients. (16 Nov 2007)
Gastric reflux diet: hello,i need a diet chart for chronic gastric and reflux.can you emil me one?thanks (19 Nov 2007)
Question on importance of milk: how milk is important in our diet (19 Nov 2007)
Diet for weight gain: Do you have any weight gaining sample menus? Or website where I can find one. I am non-vegetararian and enjoy American and Hispanic foods. I am 29 years old 5'7 (20 Nov 2007)
Advice on diet: have you got a week diet plan that you can send to my email address? ps thankyou (21 Nov 2007)
Weight gain diet: i m 28years old. my height is 5 feet 8 inch but weight is only 45 kgs....i want increase my can i do that? (23 Nov 2007)
Food nutrition for weight loss: I eat a jowar and bajra roti everyday. I want to lose weigth. Is it ok. (27 Nov 2007)
Advice on larynx: what is larynx (28 Nov 2007)
Weight loss remedy: how to take jeera for weight loss? (28 Nov 2007)
Advice on GM diet: can the GM diet soup be taken on day one of the diet?? (29 Nov 2007)
Jaundice diet: what are the things(solid/liquid) that a jaundice patient should not eat/drink? I would be grateful for the answer sir (29 Nov 2007)
Dandruff and hair loss remedies: Im 25 years old male suffering from severe itching,oily drandruff & harifall from the last five years (29 Nov 2007)