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sinusitis diet

  • Diet for Chronic Sinusitis - Best Food and Treatment Charts
    Sinusitis DietDiet for Sinusitis :Correcting the faulty diet is of utmost importance in the treatment of sinusitis. Patients should take a balanced diet. Most persons with sinus trouble also suffer from acidity. Their diet should, therefore; veer to the alkaline side. The intake of salt should be reduced to the[...]

  • Home Remedies For Winter Ailments | Winter Sore Throat Treatment
    Winter Ailment Home Remedies - Easy Tips For Winter Disease Winter infections and allergies tend to take a toll on most people’s health. Coughs, allergies, flu, colds, and sinusitis become very common occurrences, which last for days thus making one’s life miserable. People that live in places which experience[...]

  • Drinking Vinegar | Vinegar Benefits | Drinking Vinegar Effects
    benefits of drinking vinegar - The most common benefits of drinking vinegar include improving the flow of blood throughout the body and reducing blood pressure.It is also possible to use vinegar for dealing with digestive problems, ulcers, cholesterol and[...]

  • Chrysanthemum Health Benefits, Side Effects And Medicinal Uses
    Chrysanthemum Health BenefitsChrysanthemum, also known as chrysanths or mums, belong to the Asteraceae family and are a variety of flowering perennial plants native to North Eastern Europe and Asia. These plants have a number of ornamental, culinary, environmental, insecticidal, and medicinal uses that are known to man since centuries. Chinese[...]

  • Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes | Getting Rid Of Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles
    Treatment For Puffy Eyes - Cure For Puffy Eyes Puffy eyes can be caused due to several factors. A diet with too much of salt; allergies; chemicals in make-up; chronic sinusitis; perfumes; and, detergents can eyes to puff up. Sometimes eye strain caused by working at the computer for long[...]

  • Home Remedies For Flu And Colds | Healing Remedies For Flu
    Home Cures For Flu - Best Home Remedies For Flu The flu occurs due to a viral infection, and affects the entire body. It is characterized by fever and chills. It also results in other symptoms such as cough, soreness in the throat, congested nasal passages and  headaches. A prolonged bout[...]

  • Home Remedies For Brown Syndrome | Brown Sequards Syndrome Treatment
    Effective Remedies For Brown Syndrome Disorder Brown syndrome is a disorder in which the patient is unable to move one or both of his/her eyes upwards due to a deformity in the muscles that lend support to the eyes. This may either be a congenital problem or may develop[...]

  • Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Side Effects of Fever
    Fever TemperatureEven though fever is such a common problem, there are many people who want to know what body temperature constitutes a fever. Many people are heard asking doctors “what is a fever temperature?”, as they are not sure if they or someone in their family are within[...]

  • Fluid in Middle Ear: Serous Otitis Media Symptoms | Treatment
    Home Remedies for Fluid in Middle Ear Our ears are exposed to water, every time we bathe, take a shower and go swimming. Naturally, some amount of water enters our ears daily. Subsequently, any fluid that enters our ears just drains out again. However, at times, the fluid can get[...]

  • Uses of Antihistamines in Prevention of Allergies
    Antihistamines and Sinus ReliefLike chronic rhinitis (hay fever), chronic inflammation of the sinuses might be of allergic origin. Exposure to specific allergens leads to the development of allergic sinus symptoms, like itching inside the nose, sneezing, runny nose, headache etc. Whenever allergens come into contact with the body, memory cells[...]

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