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Question on health

Why health club,what is the use of it?
(June 6, 2008)

Benefits of Health Club

In today's world, where people are becoming busy with the work load, it is very essential to maintain health so that person can lead a healthy normal life. With intake of fast and convenient foods, stress, lack of sleep, it's taking a toll on the health of the individual. Diabetes, obesity, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, osteoporosis and metabolic syndrome are some of the disorders that can affect the lifestyle. Hence it is always suggested to do exercises regularly so that it enhances the well being of the individual. But this is not possible especially at home as certain exercises need to be done according to specific technique in order to achieve positive results.

Apart from this, doing workouts at home can be boring and inconsistent. The person may not be committed or serious in doing certain exercises at home as a result of which the individual may not achieve any advantage in doing workouts at home.

Personal fitness has become the call for the day. Even if the person is not suffering from any disorder, he can join a health club for maintaining a normal health and personality of the individual. The health clubs provides a list of membership plans including the contract that needs to be signed by the individual. Special offers and discounts are also provided. Health clubs provide physical trainers who can help in the exercise regime. Dietitians are allotted who can suggest healthy diet plans according to the physical condition of the individual.

The benefits of joining a health club are:-
  • Intention of doing exercises: If you join health club, there is an intentional need to do workouts regularly. The person becomes committed to visit the health club every day. Apart from getting dressed up specifically for the health clubs is more exciting than doing exercises in the living room.
  • Costly Equipments: The person can get the opportunity of using latest equipments. Moreover certain equipments are very expensive which is not affordable. By joining a health club you can get a chance to use expensive equipments regularly.
  • A place to meet people: - Health club is a place where you can meet and communicate with people. Especially if we meet people suffering from the same problem as we are suffering then there can be a feeling of acceptance and closeness. We may feel encouraged to do workouts regularly if we are in the ambiance of health club.
  • Monetary commitment: Because we are paying for the services of the health club, we naturally tend to be committed to do exercise regularly and effectively.
Thus a health club helps in enhancing the quality of our life which may not be possible in the surroundings of our house.
Submitted by N on June 6, 2008 at 06:16


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