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exercise program

  • Diet modification and exercise leads to Healthiest long-term ways to lose weight
    Fitness schedule and diet plan to reduce weight: I am 40 years, 85 kg weight, height 5.3inches. How to reduce my weight give me the daily diet plan and exercises[...]

  • Power Diet - Step Plan you can burn 240 calories of fat every 20mins
    A Fit and Firm YouWork Out While You Walk – No matter how hard or long you walk, your upper body particularly arms don’t get stronger. Weight resistance with handheld weights while walking is a great way to put your arms to work. In this manner a walker[...]

  • Exercise Routine and Workout Training at Home
    Home FitnessHome as that is where the motivation and inclination of staying fit starts from. If you are a very busy person on a tight schedule and cannot find time to go to the gym regularly then it is best to develop a home fitness program that would help you[...]

  • Best Way To Lose Weight | Best Exercise To Lose Weight | Fastest Way To Lose Weight
    Best way to lose weightBest way to lose weight – Weight gain is a common complain for most people. Given the dependence on take-out food and fast foods and poor or no exercise routines, this isn’t surprising; thankfully though with a little discipline weight loss can be[...]

  • Diet for Weight Loss
    Calorie Diet: I would like to know if the Calorie Diet is advisable for people like me. I am interested in pursuing this diet and as such seek guidelines on the same.[...]

  • Walking Exercise Tips and Myth about Exercising
    Walking Exercise Benefits Exercise helps the body, whether you call it a myth or a reality. You can enjoy the benefits of exercise on your own and you will realize yourself as to how true it is. Walking is the best exercise. It helps to cure a large number of[...]

  • Advice on Safe Weight Loss
    Safe Weight Loss: How do I safely lose weight without any side effects? I am looking for proper counseling on losing weight safely. Can someone advise me?[...]

  • Low Carbohydrate Diet Shake And Weight Loss
    Healthy Shake Diet And Protein Shake Diet Does shake diet affect the body abnormally if on a weight reduction spree. What should be reduced from the shakes to have a healthy dietary regime Diet shakes are the latest fad in the health and fitness industry. This diet program comprises of[...]

  • Heart Stress Test and TreadMill Exercise
    Treadmill Exercise and Heart Beat Test The treadmill test helps to rule out or confirm the presence of heart diseases. The treadmill test is also referred to as 'stress test'. It measures the tolerance levels of the heart to the particular exercise. The other terms of this test are exercise[...]

  • Beef Supplements And Alternatives For Beef
    Beef Supplements And Livestock Supplements General motors diet suggests beef but I am vegetarian. Can you suggest some other vegetarian supplement for beef? Please suggest a few healthy dietary options too The General Motors diet (commonly known as GM diet) is a diet program developed by the company General Motors[...]

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