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Safe Weight Loss

How do I safely lose weight without any side effects? I am looking for proper counseling on losing weight safely. Can someone advise me?
(May 5, 2008)

Weight Loss with out Harm to the Body

Safe weight loss plans and diets are planned in such a manner that the individual loses greater fat than muscle. This amounts to weight loss at the rate of around one or two pounds a week, which is much less than what fad diets offer. Safe weight loss diets promote reasonable or average physical exercise to burn up calories and build up muscle and tissue in its stead.

In a safe weight loss diet plan you must consume around 350 to 450 lesser calories than your otherwise normal food intake in order to safely cut down one or two pounds in a week. A half hour physical exercise comprising brisk walking, cycling, jogging, four days a week greatly helps to tone the muscles and regulate the body metabolism. The main aim of any weight loss program is to consume lesser calories than the calories that are burnt up during exercise.

It's also a good practice to eat less fatty substances and less of sugary products that are the main culprits in gaining unhealthy weight. Moreover fried foods and heavy desserts can pile on the calories which will then leave little room for healthy foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables must be eaten in larger quantities and in greater number of portions than any other food group to maintain safe weight loss for life.
Submitted by C N on May 5, 2008 at 06:38


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