Beef Supplements And Alternatives For Beef

By | February 20, 2009

Beef Supplements And Livestock Supplements

General motors diet suggests beef but I am vegetarian. Can you suggest some other vegetarian supplement for beef? Please suggest a few healthy dietary options too

The General Motors diet (commonly known as GM diet) is a diet program developed by the company General Motors for the benefit of its employees. GM diet is a seven-day program designed to lose weight and cleanse the body of toxins. This diet should be undertaken once in a month. This diet targets a weight loss of up to 5-6 kilograms per week of following the diet. This diet is quite popular for losing weight since it doesn’t necessarily starve you; in fact, it allows you to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits all throughout. Also, GM diet is considered to be safe and can be followed without any fear of complications.

Healthy Alternative For Beef

As for your question, there has been a number of variants of GM diet; some for vegetarians as well. Beef in the GM diet generally acts as a source of protein and minerals. So, as long as you find a replacement food that supplies protein and minerals, you can add them in your diet in place of beef. As a replacement for beef you can try some vegetable items like legumes, pulses, and grains, which are good source of protein and minerals. Brown rice and beans can be a good alternative to meat. Dark leafy vegetables are also good source of essential minerals and can be included in the diet.

There are numerous diets to choose from, each having their own benefits. However, all diets tend to follow the basic rules: include plenty of vegetables, whole grains, and fruits; limit sugar and salt intake; cut down on saturated fat intake; and reduce calorie intake. Though each diet may be different in its own way, it is better to customize and take up a little from each of them and make your own diet.

Since you are a vegetarian, you can also try out the ‘vegetarian diet’ plan. A vegetarian diet avoids all animal foods and replaces them with vegetable foods with good protein and mineral content. This diet is considered to a good source of minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, which makes it good for heart and other diseases. Those who follow vegetarian diet should take special care to make up the loss of protein from animal foods. A careful choice of vegetables can easily balance the protein and mineral loss from non-vegetarian sources. You should choose lot of colorful vegetables and fruits in your diet along with pulses, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. If you are ready to eat dairy products, they can serve as good source of protein too. However, you should not rely too much on dairy products for protein, as they have high levels of saturated fat and cholesterol, which may prove unhealthy.