Low Carbohydrate Diet Shake And Weight Loss

By | March 10, 2009

Healthy Shake Diet And Protein Shake Diet

Does shake diet affect the body abnormally if on a weight reduction spree. What should be reduced from the shakes to have a healthy dietary regime

Diet shakes are the latest fad in the health and fitness industry. This diet program comprises of replacing regular meals with a liquid based diet. There’s no doubt that whole foods have the nutritional content to aid your diet programs however the latest research has proved that a liquid based diet is a great way to kick-start your weight loss ambitions.

Healthy Diet Shakes and Liquid Shake Diet

Shake diet comprises of various options. You can try over-the-counter supplements like meal replacement program (MRP) or readymade shakes. The other option is to prepare fresh low calorie smoothies with milk and yoghurt at home. These smoothies should comprise of fruits and vegetables, which are high in dietary fibers and low in calorie content. The best part of preparing smoothies or shakes is that it’s entirely your choice as to which vegetable and fruits you would like to add. The third option is again going on a liquid diet, which contains soy milk products. Soy is known to have rich protein and thus helps in losing weight and promotes muscle gain, giving your body the right lean look.

The best part of a shake diet is that you don’t need much time to prepare a diet shake. The various products available in the market have to be added with just milk or yoghurt. So basically you can have them on the go or on the move with minimum fuss and time, which is so important when considering our busy schedules.

One of the most popular smoothies, which you can prepare at home, is Banana-Strawberry Smoothie

It’s very simple to prepare. All you have to do is blend fresh strawberries and banana with yoghurt. Remember the sugar content has to be kept low. If you still want the extra sweet taste, you can go for a sugar-free sweetener also. This smoothie is particularly beneficial as Banana is a powerhouse of energy and strawberry contains dietary fibers, which helps to remove harmful toxins from your body.

Like everything else in the world shake diets have their pros and cons. The pros are of course to jumpstart a healthy and nutritious diet. The ease of preparing and drinking a shake anywhere and anytime also makes it a favorite amongst those who have little time for health and diet in their lifestyle. The cons are drinking the same kind of shakes can become monotonous,  in addition to which the urge to eat whole foods  might start making you eat more after the initial weight loss, which can again prove to be detrimental in your path to lose weight.