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  • Recommended 3000 Calorie Diet Plan for Men & Women
    3000 Calorie Diet PlanA 3000 calorie diet plan is usually recommended for athletes, very active young people, or those you want to gain weight. The calorie intake for a normal active adult ranges from 1600 to 2200 for active women, to about 2000 to 2800 for active men. Consuming 3000[...]

  • Calculation Of Body Mass Index | Body Mass Index Categories | Body Mass Index Table
    There are a number of body mass index calculators on the internet that will simply require your gender, age, and height in order to calculate the index number. There are 4 main body mass index categories that are divided on the number generated by the bod[...]

  • How to gain weight healthy | Calories to gain weight
    Is underweight hereditary and exercise to gain weight: How do you know if you’re underweight? Is there an explanation about being thin? How true if it can be hereditary or in family genes. Do you have any suggestions regarding what exercise should be done[...]

  • Diet and Treatment for Leucorrhoea Disease
    Leucorrhoea DietA total health-building scheme is essential for the removal of the systemic toxicity, which is primarily responsible for the disease. Such a scheme should consist of correct feeding habits, proper sleep, exercise, fresh air and sunshine. To begin with, the patient should fast for three or four days[...]

  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diet, Foods to Avoid, Diagnosis and Treatment
    Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diet Pulmonary tuberculosis can be described as a slow-growing bacterial infection that occurs in your lungs. You can contract this air borne infection when you breathe in the droplets that have been sneezed or coughed out by an infected person. Anyone can get pulmonary tuberculosis, but the[...]

  • Advice On Normal Intake Of Calories | Calorie Intake Chart | Daily Calorie Intake Calculator
    Daily calorie intake calculator - Whether the goal is to lose or gain weight, a calorie intake chart will provide you with a daily structure to follow.The average daily calorie intake for men is approximately 2500 calories and 2000 calories for women.[...]

  • How to Gain Weight Even with Fast Metabolism
    How to gain weight with a fast metabolismMetabolism is the process where food is converted into energy and heat. It is the method used by the body to generate energy. Energy is required for every single body process, be it the tiniest production of cells or intensive exercise. Metabolism occurs[...]

  • Diet For Treating Bed Sores
    Is there any specific diet for treating bed sores? Please specify food and measures for bed sore treatment[...]

  • Exercises For Hip, Lower Back Fat Reduction - Paleo and Ketogenic Diet
    A fruit diet for weight reduction would include fruits such as apples and papaya that have the ability to break down fat cells in the body and thereby increase the rate of reduction of fats in the body.[...]

  • Maintain Ideal Body Weight | Body Weight Tips | Diet For Ideal Body
    Ideal body weight instructions and calculations that take into account only the height of the person may not be suitable for those who are looking for ideal body weight help.[...]

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