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  • Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Plan for Weight Loss
    Cabbage Soup DietA diet plan is generally a radical change made by an individual with the aim of losing or gaining weight. The body weight of an individual is dependent on many different factors. These factors include height, weight, and gender. There are body weight charts that can describe the[...]

  • Causes and Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder
    Binge eating is often trivialized by being compared to eating excessively large meals occasionally. In fact, binge eating is a very serious disorder in which a person consumes unusually large amounts of food on a regular basis.  In some ways, the consumption of food becomes the primary objective of[...]

  • Menstrual Disorders or Irregularities: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
    Menstrual Disorders And TreatmentPeriod disorders, more commonly referred to as menstrual cycle problems are common occurrences in women of all ages, which can begin right from the time a young girl reaches adolescence and can go till, till they reach menopause. Normally, a woman’s body prepares for pregnancy[...]

  • Diet Chart For Kids | Balanced Diet For Children | Daily Food For Children
    A diet chart for kids shlould have foods rich in folic acid and vitamin C, which is very effective in increasing the natural immunity of the body. This will ensure proper functioning of the various systems of the body keeping the child healthy and free fr[...]

  • Food Supplements - Nutrition Facts and Side Effects
    Health Benefits Of Food SupplementsWith our modern lifestyle that is rather fast paced and high strung it can be extremely difficult to follow a healthy diet and eating habits. Most of our population today is distributed in urban areas, and the quality of food can be questionable and there are[...]

  • Nutritional Diet and Treatment for Tuberculosis
    Tuberculosis DietDiet for Tuberculosis:Tuberculosis is no longer considered incurable if it is tackled in the early stages. An all round scheme of dietetic and vitality-building programme along natural lines is the only method to overcome the disease. As a first step, the patient should be put on an[...]

  • Importance Of Food And Nutrition In Daily Life / What is Diet?
    Food And Nutrition Information For EverybodyFood and Nutrition in Daily Life: Everyday we have to make decisions about what kind of food we want to eat and what kind of nutrition every food product will provide. It’s the nutritional choices that we make every day that will determine[...]

  • Kids Diet Plan - Healthy Nutrients to Gain Weight
    Kids Diet PlanKids meal plan involves all the essential nutrients to make the meal healthy and appetizing. Kids need a lot of variety, to enhance their intake. A regular bowl of cereal is boring and the monotony needs to be broken to improve their eating pattern. Foods from all the[...]

  • Cystic Fibrosis Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Life Expectancy
    Cystic Fibrosis DiseaseCystic fibrosis can be described as an inherited disease, which causes thick and sticky mucus to accumulate within the digestive tract as well as the lungs. Cystic fibrosis disease is a fairly common chronic health condition, which can affect both adults and children. It is quite a serious[...]

  • Tuberculosis - Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
    Tuberculosis Tuberculosis is one of the most dreaded diseases. It is a major health problem in India and often rated the number one killer. It affects eight to nine million people at anyone time and over five lakh people die of this disease every year in this country. This disease[...]

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