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Hi, I am 21 years old male and want reduce my weight, I weigh 78 kilos and my height is 178 cms, please suggest me a strict diet plan following which I might be able to reduce my weight, Most of the fat is present in the lower back and hip region?

(August 8, 2011)

Since you are not extremely overweight or obese as per your height, in addition to the required diet changes the best way to reduce hip and lower back fat is with the help of some effective cardio exercises. Running and jogging are great ways to burn extra calories while working the hip muscles. 60-90 minutes of these exercises everyday will definitely help you burn hip and lower body fat effectively. Similarly lunge jumps also help you burn additional calories and tone the hip muscles. Another effective exercise for hip fat reduction is the hip circle.

This exercise can be done by raising one leg to the side with the knee bent and then moving it in large clockwise circles. This can be done alternately with each leg for at least 3-4 sets per leg. Lateral step ups, skipping, squats, normal lunges, crunches and twists are all effective exercises for losing hip and lower back fat.
Submitted by N on August 8, 2011 at 01:03


Is paleo diet effective for fat loss?

The paleo diet for weight loss is an eating plan that is gaining popularity among health enthusiasts. The diet propagates food consumption in the way it was done centuries ago before the advent of grains and processed foods. It is also referred to as the caveman diet or Stone Age diet.

The diet today comprises of foods such as grains, flour, refined sugar and other processed foods. However these are all new additions to the diet and according to the paleo diet for fat loss, the human body has been unable to adapt to these foods properly. This could be a reason for the wide spread of many modern health issues. The paleo diet to lose weight involves avoidance of unnatural food and food that is cooked excessively. It recommends that nutrition must come from real, natural food. Some people experience tiredness in the initial stages of the diet due to the restriction of carb intake and greater consumption of protein and fat. But some also report a boost in energy levels after the first few weeks and experience a reduction in salt and sugar cravings. However all major changes in the diet should occur gradually and should suit individual requirements.
Submitted by N on August 1, 2011 at 06:20


How ketogenic diet is effective for fat loss?

Weight loss is one of the most important things on the minds of a large number of people nowadays. Being health conscious and losing weight is what most people indulge in, after a hard day’s work. The primary cause for this is that unhealthy styles of living and consuming of foods that are not good for the body will lead to severe health complications somewhere down the line. A ketogenic diet for weight loss is one that would cause the body to lose weight through the lack of carbohydrates. This diet, however, requires you to consume foods that contain fats that are good for ketosis, not allowing you to feel as hungry as you would be, if you were on an all carbohydrate diet.

Following a ketogenic diet to lose weight has a number of advantages because fats burn more easily than otherwise. It must be remembered that any diet will work extremely well if it is accompanied by a daily schedule of light exercise that helps to further burn calories. Similarly, a cyclic ketogenic diet to reduce weight would require you to alter you carbohydrate intake, depending upon the requirements of the body at that particular period of time.
Submitted by N on July 26, 2011 at 06:19


Are oranges good for weight loss?

Oranges are a healthy addition to the diet since they contain several nutrients and are low in calories. Oranges are also rich in fiber and this keeps you feeling full for a longer period of time. The orange juice diet for weight loss recommends drinking at least 1.5 liters of fresh orange juice daily. One can consume any type of food while undertaking this diet. The important thing is that the juice should be fresh. This diet lasts only for ten days.

There are many reasons why orange juice for weight reduction is recommended. Orange juice contains fewer calories than most other fruits and it also has a stimulating effect on metabolism. Since digestion is improved when orange juice is consumed, fat burning takes place more efficiently. The juice also helps make the blood vessels stronger and helps in regulating blood pressure. Another benefit of orange juice is that when it is consumed along with grapefruit juice, the development of osteoporosis can be restricted. Orange juice for fat loss is also beneficial because it tastes pleasant and hence is easy to consume. Orange juice has a high acidity level and hence people with gastric ulcers or intestinal disorders should avoid or limit its consumption.
Submitted by N on July 18, 2011 at 06:19


What fruits are good for weight loss?

People who would like to lose weight have been recommended the consumption of fruit as a major portion of their dietary plans. Making use of fruit for fat loss has been scientifically proven to be of great help. Energy in the body is produced from carbohydrates that are easily available. Fruits contain minimal amounts of carbohydrates and thus the body needs to burn up fat to produce energy for any work to be performed. Consuming fruit for weight loss is a natural method of losing weight and will not require you to consume any processed products that could cause serious health problems.

A fruit diet for weight reduction would include fruits such as apples and papaya that have the ability to break down fat cells in the body and thereby increase the rate of reduction of fats in the body. Consuming a fruit diet has been recommended because of its many positive attributes. Fruits contain all the nutrition vital for healthy living. Besides this, they provide the digestive system with the roughage required for natural cleansing of toxins that could cause health problems. They also help to keep the body hydrated, while ensuring that the digestive system is not strained by their simplicity.
Submitted by N on July 14, 2011 at 06:18


Diet plan for ideal body weight

Considering your height which is 178 cms your ideal body weight should be 77kg. Hence you are not at all overweight. You have an ideal body weight. But you need to maintain it so that it does not lead to obesity or underweight. Your daily diet itself can be modified for healthy living. You don’t need a very strict diet plan. You can bring flexibility in the diet pattern. Substituting certain unhealthy foods with nutritious diet itself is enough. You can have outside foods but it is necessary to balance it out with healthy foods once you reach home. You can have a small bowl of fruit salads or sprouted salads

Exercise is important for maintaining an ideal body weight. You can perform General exercises like cycling, jogging or brisk walking. Exercise is helpful for muscle development and for enhancing strength and endurance.

Certain guidelines that can be helpful for diet plan are:

  • Make a list of foods that are generally consumed in your family. Also add the foods that you like and dislike and foods that are avoided.
  • There is no hard and fast rule you should follow the food items that are given in the diet chart. You can substitute the food with any healthier option.
  • Do not avoid or skip a meal as it is unhealthy.
  • Maintain an interval of 2 or 2 1/2 hours between the two meals.
  • Drink ample quantities of fluid everyday, up to 8 to 10 glasses.
    Include all the food groups daily in order to achieve all the nutrients in correct amounts.
  • Reduce if not avoid the intake of convenience foods, junk foods and processed foods.

A diet plan that can be beneficial for healthy living is:

  • Early morning: A glass of low fat milk.  Can add powdered supplements to the milk.
  • Breakfast: Sandwiches with brown bread and vegetables. Or Steamed pancakes with honey Or Vegetable omelet with bread.
  • Have a glass of fresh fruit juice.
  • Mid morning: A glass of tender coconut water.
  • Lunch: 2 roasted wheat tortillas with a bowl of mixed vegetable preparation. A bowl of rice and pulse preparation and yogurt. 
  • Early evening: A glass of skimmed milk and 2 fiber biscuits.
  • Late evening: A small bowl of semolina preparation.
  • Dinner: A bowl of soup with cream added. 2 mixed cereals tortilla with lean meat preparation or legume preparation, a small bowl green salad. One small bowl dessert.

Irregular fat distribution in your body may be due to lack of regular exercise. Hence make sure that you take at least 30-40 mins of brisk walk daily. Push-ups and sun salutation pose of yoga can also help you exercise your abdominal muscles; if done regularly.

Read BMI and bmi chart to know your height and weight ratio.

Submitted by A V on December 6, 2010 at 05:18


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