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how much should i weigh for my height

  • Diet Tools help understand your body and food consumption better
    Diet Tools Diet tools help in the assessment of an individual’s progress with respect to his / her nutrition, anthropometry and physiology. Anthropometric assessment includes, height, weight, ideal body weight and body mass index. Knowledge of the ideal body weight is essential to know regarding the percentage of extra[...]

  • Tips to Grow Taller and Diet for Height Increase
    How tall you grow will be determined by various factors like heredity, genetics, exercise and diet during your growth years. Your height increases from birth to the end of your puberty. However there are some growth spurts and the fastest growth period for girls is from 12-18 years and[...]

  • Health Benefits and Tips for Homemade High Protein Drinks
    Protein drink Protein is an extremely important part of your diet and is needed by your body especially to build up your muscles and if you do not take in adequate quantities of it, you will not be able to build up on them. All those who are interested[...]

  • Avoid non healthy foods, loaded with fat, to increase weight
    Teenage weight reduction: I am 13 years old and I am not happy with my height and weight I want to ask that how can I manage to be slim and tall?[...]

  • Slim Quick Fat Burner and Diet for Weight Reduction
    Fat Loss Diet and Herbal Fat BurnersI weigh 80 kilos and my height is 166cm. What fat burner should I use and what diet should I follow while I am using fat burner. How many fat burner pill I should take in a day. Should they be taken on empty[...]

  • Weight Gain through Diet | Diet Chart To Gain Weight | Increase Weight With Proper Diet Chart
    A healthy diet chart for weight gain should set the target for the calorie intake for the individual who wishes to gain weight, and make provision for comparing the actual calories consumed at each meal, to monitor progress.[...]

  • Can Stress Cause Your Abdominal Fat Levels to Increase?
    Stress increases abdominal fats: I want to loose belly fat in  15 days I m female weigh 54 kilos, height 5feet 5inches and age 19 years please help me out with this.Abdominal fat deposition can be dangerous and depressing. This condition can lead to serious health problems. With[...]

  • Clinical Significance of Peak Flow Meter
    Peak Flow MetersAsthma is a disease of the lungs, it is known as an obstructive airway disease, because the symptoms are caused by an obstruction to the airways inside the lung. Although this obstruction is characteristically reversible, some residual obstruction is present at rest depending on the severity of the[...]

  • Weight Loss With Coke Diet
    Diet Coke: What is Diet Coke? Where can I find some useful information about it?[...]

  • Health Benefits, Calories, Intake Tips and Side Effects of Butter
    Calories In Butter Butter is a dairy product. It is made by churning milk or from fermented milk. It is dense, and the color usually varies from white to pale yellow, depending on the animal or food color added if it is manufactured commercially. It is used as a spread[...]

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