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how much should i weigh for my height

  • How to Calculate Calories Burned During Weightlifting?
    Calories Burnt While Weight Lifting Weight lifting is a complete exercise regimen that develops strength in the muscles and tones them. It rejuvenates the entire body, which results in improved stamina, balance, and immunity. Weight lifting or strength training is thus a perfect inclusion to any weight reduction program. It[...]

  • Know All about Calcium Nutrition and Sources
    The fact that calcium builds bones and body has been drilled into our heads since we were children. The link between calcium and the prevention of osteoporosis is very well known. As kids, our mothers have encouraged us to drink all that milk for healthy bones. It’s time[...]

  • Healthy Diet Chart | Daily Nutrition Chart | Balanced Diet Chart
    Daily Nutrition Chart - Following a daily diet chart is highly recommended because of the fact that it will ensure you meet the body’s requirements of calorie intake without exceeding it.[...]

  • Low Calorie Cooking with Low Calorie Spinach Omelet
    Low Calorie Omelet Recipes: Tex-Mex Spinach Omelet Ingredients: 4 whole eggs or 1 cup frozen or refrigerated egg product ¾ cup baby spinach ¼ cup whole corn kernel, frozen ¼ cup red peppers, chopped 2 tablespoon red onions, chopped 2 tablespoon fresh cilantro, snipped and divided in 2 parts Salt to taste[...]

  • Ideal Weight, Height, and Diet for 5 Months Old Baby
    5 Months Baby WeightAll children grow at a different rate; some might develop very fast and quickly while others may grow at a much slower pace. Usually this has nothing to do with the health status of the child. It is usual for children to lose some amount of their[...]

  • Healthy Weight Reduction Tips to Stay Away from the Scale
    Weight Scale for People : Lose That Unwanted WeightWhen you are on a diet, you lose weight initially. But after certain time there is not much weight-loss, even though you are still eating the same stuff. This period is called plateau period and it is temporary adjustment of the body[...]

  • How to lose weight
    Proper diet and exercise helps in loosing weight.[...]

  • Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe Plan for Weight Loss
    Cabbage Soup DietA diet plan is generally a radical change made by an individual with the aim of losing or gaining weight. The body weight of an individual is dependent on many different factors. These factors include height, weight, and gender. There are body weight charts that can describe the[...]

  • Home Remedies For Underweight | Diet For Underweight Troubles
    Home Remedies For Weight Gain With Natural Cures Being underweight makes one susceptible to a large number of sicknesses and ailments, on account of a slack or reduced immunity. The ideal weight that a person needs to maintain will depend on their height, age and sex. Body mass index or[...]

  • Hypoglycemic Diet | Hypoglycemic Treatment | Diabetes Hypoglycemic
    Hypoglycemic Diet - One should also make sure to watch his or her weight when affected by hypoglycemia as it tends to amplify the dangers of the condition.[...]

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