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weight gain diet chart

The weight of a human being is dependent on many different factors. Certain genetic factors are associated with the rate of metabolism of an individual. Metabolism is the process where food is processed into energy and heat. Some people have a naturally faster rate of metabolism which makes them burn food more easily and therefore lose weight or maintain a low body weight. Low body weight is also associated with many eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Improper exercise may also be responsible for the lack of weight gain.

Finally, one may also suffer from the fact that the food being consumed is not as healthy as it should be. Weight gain is as important as weight loss. Many recent studies suggest that people who are of the normal weight for their body size and slightly heavier than their normal weight are considered to be the healthiest. Those who are below their normal body weight are equally, if not more prone to medical problems as those people who are overweight. It should be noted here that normal weight refers to the average weight that is recommended for an individual of a particular gender and height. The term underweight applies to people who have a low body mass index.

A weight gain diet chart is a chart that is used to measure the calorie intake of an individual with the aim of gaining weight. On the chart, the required nutrition of a person of the similar height, age and gender is mentioned. The individual who is using the weight gain diet chart can enter the calorie intake estimated during each meal. This allows the individual to eat enough food. A person who is extremely underweight may be advised some mild to moderate exercises while eating excess food. Exercise helps to build and tone body muscle. Muscle mass is essential, especially in an underweight person. This allows the body to function more efficiently. A build up of muscles also means that the individual’s circulation and general health has improved. Muscle tissue tends to be denser than fat tissue so one can gain weight without gaining much girth.

It is extremely important that a person using a weight gain diet chart be patient and take the diet over a period of a few weeks. Rapid weight gain is dangerous and can cause health problems as well as other eating problems like binge eating.

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