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Diet after removal of gall bladder: how about a person without gall bladder? what is your diet advice? - October 20, 2011
Gall bladder Diet Gall bladder is a pear shaped sac in the upper part of the abdomen. Concentration of bile acid in the gall bladder results in ...
Health advice on food to eat: Are tomato and chili seeds bad for health - October 20, 2011
Nutrition Advice on Chillis and Tomato No food is bad for health if consumed in correct proportions according to a persons need. Tomatoes are ...
Advice on food for gastritis: Is skimmed milk important for a gastritis - October 19, 2011
Gastritis DietGastritis is a condition associated with the swelling of the intestinal lining and a gastritis diet is recommended. Stress, alcohol ...
Increase Height: Now I am 19 years old.I have 165cm height,Can I increase my height more?If yes,In which ways? - October 19, 2011
Apart from following a balanced diet to increase height, you should also attempt some of the disciplines of yoga in order to boost your height. Yoga ...
Diet chart to increase weight: hi, i am 27, 5ft 9inch tall has 50 kg. please give diet chart to increase weight up to 64-65 kg. I\'m suffering from acidity. - October 19, 2011
A person can be underweight due to inadequate intake of calories or some underlying illness. Remember the following points to increase your weight -&...
Hair loss care from dandruff: My hair are dry, thick and not straight, with lots of dandruff, due to which my hair falls. Please give a solution for dandruff? - October 19, 2011
Dandruff is basically a disease that has the scalp shedding huge amounts of dead skin cells. The exact reason for this disease is not extremely clear...
Diabetes and banana: Are bananas good for a diabetic person to eat - October 19, 2011
Fruits like bananas, Sapodillas, mango, grapes and jackfruit are not recommended for diabetics.Read our article on diabetes melitus for information on...
Lactose Intolerant Infants: What are the alternatives for lactose intolerance infants? - October 14, 2011
Lactose intolerance is the inability to digest lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Lactose intolerance happens generally when ...
Purines free diet for gout: I have gout can I eat pollock fish and wild caught china fillets? - October 14, 2011
Fish contains a high amount of purines and hence is not recommended as part of your diet for gout. Due to the buildup of excess uric acid from ...
Hives Home Remedies: Can eating a high-protein diet give you hives? - October 14, 2011
Hives Symptoms and Treatment: Hives are a type of skin rash that is represented by red, inflamed bumps on the skin surface. These bumps are extremely ...
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