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Weight Loss/ Obesity
I am 22 yr , 4 ft 11 inch and 52kg. I am working in a software company & 9hrs per day i need to sit in front of laptop.Fat have been accumulated mostly on the portion of my thighs, hips and tummy area of my body. - Jan 30, 2012
Software engineers or programmers are those professionals who are involved in the field of software engineering wherein they design, develop as well ...
Hips and stomach fat reduction - Jul 28, 2008
Here are some tips to lose weight on the stomach and hips.Try skipping as an exercise every morning on an empty stomach. You can begin with skipping ...
Obesity Genes - Jun 23, 2010
There are various exercises that one can take up to overcome the obesity genes and lose weight with one of them being brisk walking. In order to beat ...
Best Vegetables For Weight Loss - May 20, 2008
Vegetables are great for weight loss. Vegetables help reduce body fat. They increase the fiber content of the food you eat, with fewer calories and ...
Cycling for weight loss - Apr 6, 2008
Does cycling burn belly fat?It is an old myth that exercising certain parts of our body will help us lose weight in that area.  We need to ...
Daily diet for weight loss - Apr 9, 2008
How acai berry works for weight loss?Acai berry is considered to fit into the group of super foods when it comes to weight loss and is also very ...
Is there any obesity virus? What should one do to stay away from obesity virus? - Apr 14, 2011
While there are several studies carried out to determine whether or not obesity is caused by a virus, there is no definitive evidence for the same. ...
Best Otc Weight Loss Pill - Jun 19, 2008
Best OTC Weight Loss PillOver the counter weight loss pills promise fast results and it is this promise that lures people to use them. However, just ...
Weight loss for nursing mother - Apr 6, 2008
Breastfeeding Weight LossMost new mothers are concerned about losing the extra pounds they piled on during pregnancy. One effective way of doing this ...
Overweight Women - Apr 13, 2008
overweight womenRecent studies show that even women at a healthy weight who undertake little exercise or physical activity tend to put on more weight ...
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