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  • Remedies For Constipation And Diet For Gastritis
    How To Avoid Constipation And Indigestion For Gastritic Troubles? Constipation is the hardening of stools, accompanied by pain and discomfort during defecation. The frequency of passage of stools also decreases. Certain foods such as cheese, ice cream and processed foods are high in fat and poor in fiber. These foods[...]

  • Abdominal Pain - Causes, Symptoms and Solutions
    Pain between groin and chest region is abdominal pain: I have problem with my stomach it always pain in my adominal before and after eating the more I eat the more pain I feel the pain what shall I do?Pain between the groin and the chest region is termed[...]

  • Healing Benefits of Marshmallow
    MarshmallowDried root and leaves (peeled or unpeeled) of marshmallow are used in herbal preparations and leaf and roots of marshmallow are used in commercial preparations. According to the time of collection the actual mucilaginous content in a commercial product would vary. Marshmallow is not assessed alone for its safety and[...]

  • Peptic Ulcer Treatment with Diet | Peptic Ulcers | Treatment Chart for Peptic Ulcer
    Diet for Peptic UlcerPersons who treat themselves with antacids may do themselves more harm than good. Though they may get initial relief . Because the tablet neutralizes the acid, the stomach responds by producing even more acid because the basic cause of the hyperacidity has not been dealt with. Ulcers can[...]

  • Food Suitable In Hemoglobin Deficiency | Hemoglobin Normal Range | Haemoglobin Count
    Factors that could cause hemoglobin deficiency are sickle cell disease, anemia, kidney failure, chemotherapy, blood loss, bone marrow problems and nutritional deficiency.The hemoglobin normal range differs for different people, based on the age and gender[...]

  • Gastric Bypass Diet Plan | Which Are Gastric Food | Gastric Food Receipes
    A gastric bypass diet must be followed after the surgery due to the changes that have been made in the digestive system. Gastric bypass diet usually includes high protein foods that are low in fiber, fat and sugar.[...]

  • Pumpkin Extract Helps in Insulin Production
    Pumpkin Extract And InsulinInsulin is a hormone that is produced in the pancreas of the human body. It is a vital product that is used for the process of sugar absorption in the body. Sugar is one of the primary fuels for energy that is produced in the human body[...]

  • Spices Consumption Advice
    Dietary tip on spices: I need a dietary suggestion about reducing the intake of spices[...]

  • Diet Tips and Tactics for Treating Stomach Pain
    Greasy Diet For Healing Stomach PainStomach pain is common problem that may be caused by a number of factors. Before embarking on a specific diet and treatment for stomach pain, it is very important to assess the underlying cause of your stomach pain. Stomach pain is most often the result[...]

  • Treatment for Drooling or Excessive Salivation
    Excessive salivation is known as drooling. It is the condition where excess saliva is formed in the glands around the mouth causing there to be too much saliva in your mouth. Excess saliva increases the risk of saliva being ingested into the breathing canal in humans as breathing and swallowing[...]

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