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Diet chart to loose extra pounds

I am a girl. My weight is 52 kilos and height is 5'. Can you please send a diet chart for me?
(August 14, 2008)


A diet chart for weight loss is based on your current intake. I shall be able to give you a basic outline, as detailed information, regarding your intake and age is not available. Your metabolic cycle responds properly to a healthy breakfast. Avoid skipping meals, especially, the breakfast. Eat a healthy breakfast to keep away the pangs of hunger for sometime.

It also keeps you off from overeating. Opt for smart snacks, such as pretzels, baby carrots, string cheese, cherry tomatoes, frozen grapes, low fat pudding, sliced peppers and any fresh fruit such as strawberries, oranges and so on. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes are rich in dietary fiber and help in providing the feeling of satiety. Whole milk and dairy products are substituted by fat free or skimmed milk products. Opt for foods cooked in non stick cookware, as it calls for less oil. Replace fats with oil. Margarine, lard, butter, clarified butter and so on are replaced by soy, flaxseed, sunflower, groundnut and safflower oil. Salads and clear soups help in the feeling of fullness, by contributing to lesser number of calories. Adequate amount of water, perhaps, eight to ten glasses, prove effective in removal of toxins and other metabolites.


  • Activities, as small as cleaning the car, vacuuming and so on possess benefits, analogous to that of performance of aerobics. At least sixty minutes of physical activity is helpful. It is not necessary to perform a sixty minute activity. It can be spread into shorter spans. This helps in expending the extra calories.
  • Psychological support from the family helps in weight loss. The ideal weight of an individual is not the same as another. Healthy practices are necessary to lose the extra pounds.
  • Certain fad diets result in deficiency disorders. Improper eating patterns result in deficiency of calcium, iron and other minerals.
  • Avoid the usage of weight loss pills or supplements, as they prove to have certain side effects.
  • A brisk walk is beneficial. Jogging or treadmill also plays a vital role in weight loss. About thirty to forty five minutes of daily exercise helps. Weight training, in addition to aerobics helps in formation of muscles. This in turn increases the expenditure of calories.
  • Opt for the stairs, instead of the elevator or escalator. Walk to nearby areas, rather than using your vehicle.
  • Rewards are wonderful incentives to boost the morale of an individual. Though, foods are not considered for the same.



Submitted by M S on August 14, 2008 at 05:07


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