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Food suppliment for weight gain

hi im jen i would like to ask which food should i include in my diet so that i could gain weight? is there any food supplements you could advice to me that would help me in gaining weight? thanks a lot!
(October 26, 2007)

When a balanced diet is followed the need for dietary supplements is nil. You can easily gain your weight by eating nutritious foods daily. Keep the following points in mind –

  • Have small meals at frequent intervals instead of 2 heavy meals.
  • Avoid drinking water before any meals.
  • Include calorie dense foods like all type of nuts, milk and milk products, fish, chicken, lean meat, eggs and whole grains and pulses in the daily diet.

  • To increase calories or add bulk in the diet you can add milk powder in the dough for making breads.
  • Exercise well to increase your muscle mass and avoid taking any kind of psychological or physical stress.


Submitted by S M on October 26, 2007 at 06:31


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