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Diet Soda Weight Gain

How is Diet Soda Weight Gain helpful to me?
(April 15, 2008)

Weight Gain with Diet Soda

People often drink diet soda with the intension of losing weight but recent study has shown that people gain weight when they drink too much of diet soda. Diet sodas and other soft drinks are linked to overweight and obesity so as there was 41 % increase in risk for being overweight for every bottle or can of diet soda a person drinks daily. Diet sodas and other diet drinks have negligible or are very low in calories. This is because they have artificial sweeteners used instead of sugar. When you provide a sweet taste to the body without actually providing calories your body will crave for more sweet calories.

This is true with artificial sweeteners as they provide sweet taste without providing any calories but after its consumption our body craves for more sweet and fatty calories. You can not fool the body because if you are not providing the calories (diet sodas) when you provide a sweet taste your body will retaliate asking for more calories. This will stimulate your appetite for sweet things and you will ultimately indulge in all wrong eating habits and gain weight (many studies also prove that diet sodas and colas are appetite stimulants).
Submitted by S M on April 15, 2008 at 12:41


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