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Overweight Women

Assist me with information on obesity in women. Whatever you can tell me will be great!
(March 8, 2011)

overweight women

Recent studies show that even women at a healthy weight who undertake little exercise or physical activity tend to put on more weight as they age. On the other hand, women of similar weight who are engaged in moderate exercise and physical activity avoid gaining more pounds with age. Overweight women do not seem to benefit from this prevention of weight gain associated with moderate exercise and physical activity. Obesity in women is common in America where, according to the National Women’s Health Information Center, 50% of women between the ages 20 and 74 are overweight.

Overweight women tend to pay a higher price in terms of health risks and lower quality of life than men who are obese, though both genders are prone to heart diseases, strokes, diabetes, and increased blood pressure. Among post-menopausal  women, obesity is one of the largest risk factors for developing breast cancer.

Overweight women and pregnancy-related complications such as gestational diabetes and high blood pressures are closely linked.  In hospitals and clinics, the number of Caesarean deliveries performed is double for overweight women when compared to those performed for normal weight women.  A pregnancy diet for overweight women should focus on healthy food with the vital nutrients needed for the development of the fetus, cutting down on unnecessary fats and empty calories from sugary snacks.  

A thickening of the waistline after menopause in a woman is a sure indicator that she is piling up visceral fat around the vital organs in her abdomen. Regular and vigorous exercise can help reduce this fat, and consuming a diet free of saturated fats is the best way to keep it off.  Overweight women who engage in high intensity exercise most days of the week can reduce visceral fat. Exercise for obese women will help them shed pounds provided they reduce the calories consumed each day by at least 500.

Overweight women statistics show the prevalence of obesity is more among African-American women and Hispanic women than among Asian or Caucasian women.  Arthritis problems in women and obesity are closely related as obese women run a four times higher risk of developing arthritis. Gallbladder stones are more likely to be found in overweight women. In fact, being female, fat, forty, and fertile are factors identified as the 4 Fs of gallstone candidates.

Weight loss diets can help women shed those extra pounds, but many find it difficult to maintain their optimal weight. Workouts for overweight women should include weight training to build muscle tone, so that they can boost the body’ s metabolic rate and burn more fats. Swimming is an activity that even obese women with arthritis and overweight pregnant women can pursue. One way overweight women can disguise the weight is by wearing the right clothes. Wearing clothes that are well-tailored and give you a good fit can take the pounds off you. Avoid loose clothes as they will just make you look shapeless and fatter. Black does make a person look thinner, but if you want to experiment with colors go in for a monochromatic color look that matches your skin tone and see the difference.
Submitted by S M on March 8, 2011 at 01:21


Overweight Women Information

A women who had excess body weight than the ideal body weight according to her height then she is considered overweight. This weight can be due to muscle mass, bones weight, water and more common body fat. There are different ways to evaluate in which category a women's weight lies, these include BMI or body mass index and fat percentage calculators. A overweight women can be at a health risk for different problems like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, menstrual problems, pregnancy problems, joint problems such as arthritis, breathing problems, and psychological problems like depression. Common cause for gaining excess weight in women or any other person is energy imbalance that is when energy intake exceeds and energy expenditure is decreased. This happens when a women binges or indulges herself in wrong eating habits and leading a very sedentary life without any exercises. In this world where women are expected to be thin like supermodels an overweight woman is definitely not pleasing. Moreover the excess weight besides ruining physical appearance is also not considered healthy. So to avoid any such situation and have a high self esteem it is important to be of healthy weight (not as thing as the models but fall in the desired weight category).

Submitted by S M on April 13, 2008 at 11:50


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