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GM Slimming Diet Plans For Higher Metabolism

Supported by a grant from the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture, the GM diet has been tested at the John Hopkins Research Centre. It has also been approved by General Motors Corp and has been designed for the employees of General Motors. The idea behind designing this diet is to improve the overall fitness and wellness of the employees and their families. It is a seven day diet.

The GM diet: A seven day plan, the GM diet is supposed to help you lose five to six kgs of weight. You do not need to eat less in this diet but just need to follow a certain food plan.
Every day, you will be asked to eat certain food products and adhere to the guidelines. You will eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and drink lots of water through the day. The principle behind this diet is that the food products on the list will help your body burn more calories. You’ll also feel fresh after the detoxification that happens.

7 Day GM Diet Plan

Here is the day to day diet plan for GM Diet:

Day one: On the first day, you will be preparing your body for the diet. So that day, you can have fresh fruits through the day. Natural and nutritious, fruits will provide total balance.

Day two: On the second day, you can start your day with a shot of carbohydrates. You can have a boiled potato the first thing in the morning for balance and energy. Through the day, you can have other vegetables for nutrition and fibre. We suggest you have a variety of vegetables and use as less as oil as possible. Boil and bake the vegetables and make yourself interesting salads.

Day three: On the thirds day you can have a mixture of vegetables and fruits. Just avoid bananas and potatoes. You might have cravings on this day, which will diminish by the next day.

Day four: This is the bananas and milk day, and you can have as many bananas and lots of milk on the fourth day. This is for the potassium and sodium that you have missed in the first three days. On this day, you won’t crave for sweets and the day will pass very easily.

Day five: Tomatoes, beef and rice rule the day. While rice provides you with carbohydrates, tomatoes improve digestion and are rich in fibre. Drink a lot of water for flushing out the toxins.

Day six: Rice and vegetables are the order of the day. Eat a lot of cooked or raw vegetables and rice. It is a perfect combination of carbohydrates and vitamins. Your body has started losing weight and you’ll notice the difference in your diet.

Day seven: On this day, you can have brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices.

You can have the GM Wonder Soup, whenever you feel like through the diet.
Submitted on March 31, 2010