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GM Diet for Non Vegetarians

General Motors, Inc developed the gm diet mainly for the employees and their dependents. The makers of this diet believed that its cleansing effects would improve the emotions and outlook of the people following this diet. The gm diet for non vegetarians is a 7 day diet program which aims at a weight loss of at least 10-17 pounds every week. This diet is based on the principal that the food you eat in these 7 days helps you burn more calories than the ones you ingest. It flushes all the impurities from the body and helps to cleanse your system.

The diet requires you to abstain from alcohol completely during these 7 days and encourages you to eat only specific foods everyday. It is also important to have at least 10 glasses of water everyday as per this diet. This is how the general motors diet for non vegetarians is planned out;

  • Day one of the diet allows you to eat all fruits except bananas. There is also no limit on the quantity or types of fruits that can be consumed on the first day. Consumption of melons is strongly advised, especially watermelons, so that your chances of losing more weight on the first day itself increase.
  • On day two of this diet you are permitted to eat all vegetables irrespective of whether they are raw or cooked. In order to get complex carbohydrates, you have to start your day with breakfast comprising of a big potato with or without some butter. 
  • On day three you are supposed to have a combination of fruits and vegetables of your choice in no particular quantity. Bananas and potatoes however are not allowed on the third day.
  • On day four you are supposed to eat only 8 bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk. This can also be combined with a limited quantity of vegetable soup.
  • On day five you can eat beef, chicken or fish combined with tomatoes. On the fifth day your water consumption should also increase so as to flush out the uric acid your body has been producing.  
  • On day six you can have unlimited quantities of chicken, beef or fish along with vegetables.
  • Finally on day seven, you can eat brown rice, vegetables and fruit juices.
This diet guarantees a weight loss of at least 10 pounds after seven days and can be used repeatedly without any health complications.
Submitted on January 16, 2014