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1lb lost by GM Diet:

I am following GM Diet it has been 4 days but I lost only 1lb I do drink 10 glasses of water and follow other instructions does this GM Diet plan doesn't work for all or am I doing something wrong please suggest.

If the instructions are followed properly then I don't think you are going on a wrong path. You need to work on it patiently.
There are various fitness programs that are carried out to bring about weight loss and well being in an individual. One of these programs is GM diet or General motors diet. This diet program is designed to lose weight up to 10 to 17 lb per week. It is a planned program that is used to cleanse our body system and detoxify the chemicals present in the body.

This cleansing method brings about a feeling of lightness and positive attitude in an individual. The person can also gain the energy to perform various tasks.

The diet plan for GM diet program is as follows:

Drink 10 glasses of water every day. Avoid consumption of alcohol.
Day one - Day one of the program involves preparation of the body for the program. Have plenty of fruits except for bananas. It is recommended to have lots of water on day one. This can help in losing the weight up to 3 lb on the first day itself. Thus our first day involves consumption of fresh fruits as fruits are natural and perfect food.
Day two - Have vegetables rich in complex carbohydrates with a small blob of fat. Have a large baked potato in the morning. You can have vegetables as much as you can. Vegetables are preferred as they are free from calorie and also contain fiber and essential nutrients.
Day three - Have a combination of fruits and vegetables. However avoid bananas and potatoes. The body is thus ready to burn excess calories. Certain cravings for foods may still persists which will get reduced from day four.
Day four - Have bananas and milk with soup that may be eaten in limited amounts. You can have as many as eight bananas and have three glass of milk. However limit the intake of soup. This diet is consumed to replenish certain minerals like potassium and sodium that had been missed for few days.
Day five - You can have beef and tomatoes. You can eat two 10 oz potion of lean beef combined with six tomatoes. This diet is useful for clearing the uric acid formed in the system. Beef is consumed for iron and protein whereas tomatoes are consumed for fibre. Increase the intake of water by one quart.
Day six - You can again have beef and vegetables for iron, protein, vitamin and fiber in the body. There may be difference in the appearance from this day as compared to day one.
Day seven - Your system comes under control. You can have brown rice, fruit juices and vegetables. It is the end of the diet program. 

There is no hard and fast rule that our body will lose 10 to 12 lb weight within a week. Sometimes our body may take time to adjust to the new pattern of a diet program especially in the initial stages. You need to be patient and have a positive attitude while going through this program. There is no need to worry. Even if this program did not help you in losing weight, at least it helped your body to detoxify the unwanted chemicals and toxins. Hence work according to the instructions given and wait for the results.

Submitted on March 31, 2010