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Three severity degrees of burns:

What can be used for burns?

There are three severity degrees of burns. Since you have not mentioned what kind of a burn you are suffering from, I will explain you all three degrees. First of all, in order to prevent any further damage, it is extremely important to lower the temperature of the affected area. Soak the affected area in a tub of cold water or hold the affected area under tap water. Continue this method till you gain temporary relief from pain.

The first degree burns are generally low level burns which do not cause much damage to the body or to the nervous system.

Second degree burns are much more dangerous and may cause nerve damage. Second degree burns need to be under the supervision of a doctor. Second degree burns do not generally cause skin deformities if the right treatment is started as soon as possible.

Third degree burns can be extremely dangerous and fatal. Third degree burns not only deform the skin but can also damage the nervous system to a great extent. The only treatment for third degree burns is plastic surgery. Plastic surgery can be very expensive, painful and tiring. 

First and second degree burns can easily be treated at home with burn cream or lotion. Home remedies are also known to be quite effective in this case. In order to cure first and second degree burns, apply honey or a paste of fresh mint leaves on the affected area. These products act as a coolant and are also known to heal the wound much effectively. Apply the juice of aloe or Margosa on the affected area at least four times in a day and you will notice a remarkable change in a matter of weeks.

A recommended diet is considered the most essential factor in order to heal the wound. No matter what degree of burn you suffer from, a healthy diet will make a major difference and recovery will be much faster. Vitamin A, C and E are to be consumed on a daily basis. Green vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, milk and eggs are vital foods and must be consumed accordingly. It is recommended to maintain a diet chart which will enable you to consume all the above mentioned foods in the span of few days. Consume citrus fruits every few hours as they hold maximum vitamin C. Meat products contain high amounts of zinc.  This is a recommended food diet which should be followed in order to recover quickly from burns.

Submitted on January 16, 2014