uric acid reduction

Uric acid is a substance that is used in the human body to process substances known as purines. As with many waste products of the body, uric acid is filtered out of the blood in the kidneys. This filtered uric acid is then passed into the urinary bladder where it awaits disposal. Uric acid may not be effectively removed from the body and this condition results in gout and other problems associated with kidney function. The consumption of foods with purines in them is responsible for an increase accumulation of uric acid in the blood.  These foods include mushrooms, spinach, dried beans, cauliflower, chicken and peas. This is not an exhaustive list of foods.

Uric acid reduction can be achieved in two different ways. The first method to achieve uric acid reduction is to stimulate kidney function. One can consume plenty of water which will make it necessary to urinate regularly. This offers two benefits to the individual. Firstly, the concentration of all acids will be reduced by the increase in water concentration. Secondly, regular urination can help to pass out more toxins from the body. It is important to check that the kidneys are functioning properly when one is attempting this method. If there is already a suspicion of kidney failure or partial failure, then the doctor’s advice must be followed and treatment options explored. When the kidneys are functioning normally, they may be able to be used to reduce uric acid concentration which itself will damage the kidneys over a period of time.

The second method which can be used to achieve uric acid reduction is the use of diet modifications. A uric acid diet is low in purine foods and hence helps to regulate uric acid levels in the body. The foods we eat are essential for their nutritional value. There are some uric acid foods that can help with high uric acid levels and there are other foods that cause uric acid production to rise. When one is suffering from uric acid related problems, then one can have foods that have a high level of potassium. Potatoes, orange juice, apples, bananas, avocados and kidney beans are examples of some foods that help with uric acid problems. Any other food that is low in protein and low in purines content is considered to be useful for a person suffering from uric acid concentration problems.

In order to effectively achieve uric acid reduction, one must avoid the foods mentioned above which are high in purines content in order to reduce the body’s automatic production of uric acid.

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