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Musk Melon Health Benefits

Musk Melon also widely known as cantaloupe comes under the melon family ‘curcurbitaceae’ along with pumpkins, gourds and cucumbers. Cantaloupes are the most popular kind of musk melon in America. Although all cantaloupes are considered to be musk melons, all musk melons are not cantaloupes. In the Indian markets a variety known as ambrosia melon is very popular. This variety tastes and looks like the cantaloupe but the color of the flesh is a brighter orange.
The musk melon in India is usually called kharbuja.

Musk melon is very popular in tropical countries and comes in many varieties. This fruit is excellent for cooling down during the summer heat. It is also extremely filling and refreshing. Muskmelon has a high level of nutrition, which contributes to many health benefits. The fruit contains minerals like potassium, sodium and magnesium and vitamin A, B and C. It is free from cholesterol and is considered to be good for blood cholesterol patients. It is also an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin C. Vitamin C is very effective in preventing cancer and heart disease, and consuming it on a regular basis prevents the arteries from hardening. Beta-carotene is also present in a musk melon. The potassium present in musk melons help in preventing the risk of strokes and in controlling blood pressure. Other health benefits of musk melon include treating the lack of appetite, urinary tract infections, ulcers, acidity and preventing the formation of kidney stones.

Musk melon also helps with skin care. The presence of vitamin A helps in maintaining the health of your skin. Musk melon is considered to be an effective home remedy for eczema. For this treatment, musk melons should be consumed thrice a day for around 40 days. Initially, melons weighing 3 kilograms should be taken for three days. The quantity is then increased by 1 kg each day till the hunger is appeased. Only the best quality fruits should be used. Since the content of water is over 90 percent, you should not take any water during this time. This remedy is also useful if you are underweight and want to increase your weight. The fruit juice is also effective for local application in acute and chronic cases of eczema. Musk melon for weight loss can also be effective since it does not contain any cholesterol and makes you feel full because of the high fiber content. This can prevent you from overeating. Consuming musk melon for diabetes is also considered to be helpful.

Nutrition Value and Medicinal Uses

The varied medicinal uses of musk melon are due to the high nutritional value of the fruit. The nutritional values approximately in a cup of the fruit are 516 RE of vitamin A, 60.18 mg of vitamin B, 68 mg of vitamin C, 14 mg of sodium, 1.4 gm of protein, and 1.3 gm of dietary fiber. It also prevents osteoporosis and cancer. The vitamin C present in musk melon helps in the production of white blood cells that help to fight infections and build a strong immune system. The natural minerals and nutrients present in the fruit also give a synergistic combination which helps the body cope with nicotine withdrawal. Smoking depletes the amount of vitamin C in the body and by drinking musk melon juice you can replace it.

Musk Melon for Pregnant Women

The folic acid present in the fruit is very good for pregnant women and makes the baby healthy. Its high content of folate is known to prevent the neural tube defect that occurs in the second week of pregnancy. High folate content during pregnancy ensures the proper production and maintenance of the new cells, the synthesis of DNA and RNA. The musk melons being chosen for consumption should not be hard but a little firm. Do not use fruit that is soft and yellowing. The melons should also be a little heavy which will mean that there is a lot of juice in it. Make sure to wash the musk melons properly before using it since they are grown in the ground. It is important that you remember some of these tips and choose the fruits that are most fresh.

More Information:

The shape of musk melons are usually round but can also be oval with a skin that has an appearance of being covered in a net. The flesh of the fruit is orange-yellow in color and is sweet, succulent and soft. Its texture is similar to honeydew. A good quality fruit will depend on the melons texture and the sugars that are developed during ripening. When musk melons become ripe there is a change of color of the rind from green to yellow or tan within the netting. The picking of the fruit should be done when there is easy separation of the stem from the vine. During these stages a crack will be present near the attachment point. The fruit should not be plucked early as the quality won’t be as good as the melons that are ripened. These are some of the information & facts about musk melons.

Submitted on January 16, 2014