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Diet for Blood Pressure Patients

Submitted by Loring A. Windblad on August 3, 2010

Thanks to our lifestyle and faulty food habits, blood pressure, diabetes, and such kinds of lifestyle diseases are no longer restricted to the elderly. These health maladies are now hitting youngsters and they do not have any age factor whatsoever. The kind of stress that we undergo each day is tremendous and as a result, more and more people are falling prey to these health hazards.

Diet for Blood Pressure Patients: The moment you are detected with high blood pressure, your doctor will put you on medication and ask you to watch what you eat. It is not difficult to control this lifestyle disease. Strong will-power and a strict diet is what will help you get over this problem.

Here are some guidelines that will help you eat smart and control this health hazard from doing more ill to you.

  • Opt for a diet that is low in salt content, low fat, and low in cholesterol levels. However, make sure that the food item that you intend to eat is high in vitamins and has good amounts of magnesium and potassium in it. A little alteration in the style of cooking is what you need to do to make food perfect in all ways.
  • Refrain from eating outside food.

    Try to eat home-made food as far as possible as the outside food may have high sodium levels. While cooking, try to use fresh vegetables and meat. Avoid packed or processed food as these have preservatives and high salt levels to increase the shelf-life of the food item.
  • Raisins, nuts, tomatoes, seeds, figs, bananas, apricots, potatoes, and dried fruits are loaded with potassium.

    So make sure you include them in your daily diet to fulfill the requirement of potassium.
  • For magnesium, include food items like oysters, spinach, wheat, beans, different grains, and broccoli.

It is a good idea to consult a good dietician and get a dietary chart prepared for you so that it becomes easy for you to know what to include and what to exclude from your diet.

By tweaking your diet and watching what you eat, you will be in a position to control blood pressure and lead a much healthier life.

Besides following a good diet, a mild exercise routine will also prove beneficial for those who are suffering from this lifestyle disease. Reduce your stress level by doing some meditation or yoga exercises. Stay calm and peaceful to keep stress under control.

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