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  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency Treatment and Supplements
    Vitamin B12 Supplements BenefitsVitamin B12 supplement is a water soluble vitamin and is present in some foodstuff and is used as a dietary supplement.  Some doctors prescribe the intake of the Vitamin B12 supplement because they are required for the formation of red blood cells and also provide some[...]

  • Weight Gain and Estrogen | Natural Bioidentical Progesterone to Increase Weight
    Bioidentical progesterone cream induces weight loss. Estrogen is known to increase appetite and is responsible for the retention of body fat.[...]

  • Dangers Caused by Eating Disorders During Pregnancy
    Pregnancy and Eating DisordersPregnancy and eating disorders might prove life threatening for the child. Increased risk of complications and miscarriages are seen in the case of anorexic or bulimic individuals. Mother’s death or defective infants are also possible. Conception is difficult in the case of individuals suffering from[...]

  • People with Overweight
    Overweight People: What does overweight in people mean.[...]

  • Sugar Allergy: Symptoms, Intolerance and Sensitivity
    Sugar Allergy Symptoms  Sugar allergy and sugar sensitivity are two different reactions to sugar. In sugar allergy the reaction is an inflammatory one as such people cannot tolerate the consumption of sugar. This is a difficult situation to tolerate and deal with as most foods contain sugar. Such people[...]

  • Know about Caffeine Tablets Side Effects and Risks
    Side Effects Of Caffeine TabletsCaffeine tablets or caffeine pills are primarily used for weight loss programs. The regular caffeine tablet is said to contain about 200 mg of caffeine. This quantity is found to be equivalent to about 2 mugs of strong coffee. This quantity is not considered to be[...]

  • Health Risks in Obese People
    Overweight People: I heard of Overweight People. Does anyone have any more details?[...]

  • How To Quit Chewing Tobacco | Ways Of Quittng Tobacco Addiction
    When you begin with methods to quit tobacco chewing, side effects to the same will be seen like include various issues such as irritation, stress, anger, intense desire for tobacco and some physical symptoms.[...]

  • Multiple sclerosis symptoms cured through conventional and natural treatments
    Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Multiple sclerosis treatment today offers a number of options, both conventional and natural. Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease that is potentially debilitating as it affects your central nervous system. In this disease, the immune system attacks the components of nerve fibers in the nervous system[...]

  • Facts and Benefits of Amino Acid Supplements
    Amino Acid Supplements Amino acid supplements are usually prescribed as powders, capsules or pills which have a different blend of the ingredients which contain amino acids. The supplements are essential while a person is on a diet and trying to loose weight. Some of the slimming aids which accelerate the[...]

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