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Mango For Weight Loss

The key to losing weight is to burn off more calories than you consume and also to consume nutrient dense foods that will help you to stay feeling full and thus satisfied. This is where eating a mango for reducing weight comes in. A mango is a rich source of antioxidants and fiber and thus is beneficial for anyone who wishes to lose weight. Studies have shown that mangoes provide about 12 per cent of the daily recommended intake of fiber. A mango provides 3 grams of fiber which helps you to feel full longer and thus ward off any cravings. Eating mangoes to lose weight is recommended as it is a natural fruit which helps to burn fat and calories.

Extensive studies have been carried out which prove that eating mangoes for weight reduction is possible and can happen. Read on for more reasons as to why you should eat a mango for weight loss.

Mangoes are rich in minerals and vitamins, but are sodium free, cholesterol free and fat free. This delicious fruit is low in calories and thus a great choice to incorporate into a low calorie diet. It is a well known fact that low calories diet help to prevent obesity and this is yet another reason why eating mangoes to lose weight is recommended. Consuming mangoes for weight reduction will also benefit you in other ways as well. There are many health benefits of mango as well. Research conducted in this field shows that mangoes contain 25 per cent of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin A. One sliced mango is the equivalent of 1 cup of fruit.

Eating a mango for weight loss also includes eating mango extract. Research has shown that the mango seed contains an extract which helps people to lose weight. This extract should be taken in a supplement form. The same studies carried out in this field show that the supplement helps fat people to become more sensitive to a hormone called lepitin. This hormone controls the storage of fat in the body, especially around the waist. The mango extract helps such people to overcome their resistance to this hormone. This then, helps with weight loss. This mango extract can be found online and at various food stores. However, it is advisable to check with your doctor before taking any mango extract to lose weight.

Choose an African mango for weight loss. This mango helps to increase the secretion of a protein hormone called Adiponectin. Adiponectin helps to break down fatty acids into energy and regulates the production of glucose as well. All this helps one in losing weight effectively. Studies show that the recommended mango intake for losing weight is two a day. This is in connection with the studies carried out on the African mango.

Do keep in mind that merely eating mango for weight loss by itself will not help to shed those unwanted pounds. A healthy and nutritious diet with other low calorie foods should also be followed and an exercise routine should be implemented as well.

How Does Mango Benefit In Weight Loss

There are many mango benefits in weight loss. Apart from losing weight, the mango is a fruit that is packed with other nutrients which have health benefits as well. You may be wondering how mango benefits in weight loss. Read on to find out more on this. A mango helps one to lose weight because it is a nutrient dense food. It is a good source of antioxidants and fiber and thus helps one to lose weight. Mangoes are low in calories, do not contain sodium, fat or cholesterol and have a high amount of vitamins and minerals in them. As it is low in calories, it helps one to lose weight and prevents obesity as well. The fiber content in mangoes also helps to keep one feeling full for a longer period of time.

Types Of Mango To Reduce Weight

There are many different types of mango for weight loss. However, research has shown that the African mango is considered the best mango to eat for weight loss. Studies show that this mango's seed contains an extract that helps people to lose weight. Research conducted on the extract show that it has the ability to slow down the development of fat cells. This extract from the African mango reduces leptin secretion from the fat cells.

Precautions While Consuming Mango

Keep these points in mind while consuming mango. Do not consume mangoes that have dark spots or blemishes – they might have gone overripe. Mangoes will keep for two to three days when stored in a refrigerator. Mangoes should be ideally stored at a temperature of 55°F. Mangoes stored at this temperature have a shelf life of 1 to 2 weeks. A good quality of mango will be slightly yellow in color when ripe.

Submitted on January 16, 2014