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Fatigue Weight Gain

I need help on Fatigue Weight Gain. Can some one please answer how does fatigue weight gain work?
(April 23, 2008)

Fatigue Weight Gain

Fatigue weight gain can occur due to hypothyroidism. Our thyroid gland helps in normal functioning of the body. If there is decreased levels of thyroid hormones then the cells require less energy and the extra energy is then stored in the body leading to weight gain. The body becomes sluggish. Less heat is produced.

The brain may want to sleep all the time. Thus changes in thyroid gland can result in fatigue where under active thyroid can lead to decrease in activity.

Even if there is excess thyroid hormone, it can lead to increase in activity leading to use of the fat stores and energy. This can lead to fatigue but no weight gain occurs in this case.

Thus symptoms of under active thyroid or hypothyroidism are weakness, fatigue, weight gain, problem in concentration, constipation, feeling cold.

Fatigue cannot be overlooked. A regular checkup by the doctor is essential. Eat balanced diet. Get adequate sleep and rest. Learn relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. Avoid alcohol and drug use.
Submitted by A V on April 23, 2008 at 06:39


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