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Vegetarian food chart

I am a female, height 5ft1in, weight 78kgs, age30yrs. Can u give me an ideal daily diet chart? I am a vegetarian
(October 5, 2010)

Daily Vegetarian Diet

Being a vegetarian means following the practice of abstaining from those foods, which are derived from animal meat. Thousands of people across the world are turning to vegetarianism, due to several reasons, which could include health benefits, personal preferences, religious reasons or simply on humanitarian grounds. Some people, who find it difficult to give up meat, become part time vegetarians, i.e., they abstain from eating meat and meat products about 2 or 3 times a week. In fact vegetarianism has now become so popular that several diet plans, including the gm diet chart, have designed special diets for vegetarians. It is believed that following a proper vegetarian diet chart is healthier, since it contains the right quantities if all the important foods, i.e., the foods that are high in nutrients and vitamins.

However, by eliminating meats, your body could miss out on certain nutrients, unless you substitute them by healthy vegetarian foods. A healthy veg diet chart should contain a wide variety of different foods, mainly because no single food type should be relied on, as a single source of nutrition. Moreover, if you eat excessive amounts of any one food type, your diet could become sensitive to that food, which could further lead to an allergy. Therefore, while designing a vegetarian diet chart, it is important to ensure that the right quantities of a variety of nutritious foods are included in it. Food groups that should be included in a healthy and well balanced vegetarian diet chart are vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and nuts & seeds. Of course, different types of oil and sweets are also included in a vegetarian diet chart, but only in small quantities.

Diet chart to reduce weight

It is believed that vegetarian diet weight loss plan can be more effective than other diet plans, if followed correctly. This is because the human body is naturally designed to easily digest most natural foods that are a part of a veg diet chart. Some vegetarian food ideas that could help you lose weight faster, include:

  • Whole wheat pasta made with tomato sauce, vegetables and low fat cheese
  • Soft bean tacos and 1 cup of tossed salad, with fat free dressing
  • Vegetarian burgers on whole grain bread, topped with tomato slices and lettuce, with low fat mayonnaise
  • Scrambled tofu, with onions and capsicum, mushroom and other vegetables 
  • Meatless chili and cornbread
  • Whole wheat pita stuffed with cucumber salad & cheese or fresh vegetables
  • Zucchini soup with spinach and wheat noodles
  • Bell peppers stuffed with brown rice and vegetables
  • Brown rice with tofu and steamed or stir fried vegetables
  • Vegetarian burritos
  • Pizza made on a wheat crust, topped with mushrooms, other fresh vegetables and feta cheese
  • Clear vegetable soups

While being vegetarian is a good option and can possibly make for a healthier lifestyle too, it is best to consult a qualified dietician, before following any vegetarian diet chart. There are several online resources and books that can give you more information as well as recipes to help you stick to your vegetarian diet weight loss plan.

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Submitted by E L on October 5, 2010 at 05:48


Vegetarian food chart 

According to the height mentioned you seem to be overweight. It is essential to reach an ideal body weight and maintain the same. A simple diet is essential rather than heavy and luxurious diet. Ample amounts of water need to be taken for fluid balance in the body. Avoid overeating. Consume your food to satisfy your hunger. Cut down on fat or fried foods and rely on fiber rich foods. Avoid simple carbohydrates and stress on complex carbohydrates. If fat needs to be added, use vegetable oils and avoid animal fats. Prefer seasonal vegetables and fruits and consume in both raw and cooked form.

A diet chart that can be followed are:-


Whole wheat porridges with low fat milk and a fruit.

Brown bread sandwiches with raw vegetables and fruit juice.


Whole wheat pancakes with no fat added and pulse and vegetable preparation. A glass of low fat yoghurt. A piece of chewable vegetables like cucumber, carrot or tomato.

A bowl of mixed pulses sprouted and added with vegetables, light soup made with single vegetable or mixture of vegetables, fruit juice.


Soup made with leafy vegetables, wheat pancakes with vegetable, a small amount of rice and low fat yoghurt.
Pasta sauce with various vegetables like mushrooms, capsicum and cauliflower with pastas.

A light snack can be consumed in between to avoid the pangs of hunger.

Submitted by A M on April 10, 2008 at 05:04


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