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Calories In Romaine Lettuce

Submitted by Nick on February 24, 2011

Introduction:  Lettuce comes in different varieties and has slightly different tastes but all lettuce is a healthy part of any salad. Lettuce leaves are used for salads and though they are very nutritious the taste is not exactly very palatable. When added to a salad with a salad dressing it is edible otherwise most people may not really relish it. Most of the nutrients which are provided in this green leaf are extremely good for our health and as it is a low calorie food it is an essential part of any weight loss or healthy diet.

Calories in romaine lettuce:
As the calories in romaine lettuce are lower than any other food this is an ideal one to include in any weight loss or healthy diet.

A filling and wholesome dish would be a salad with romaine lettuce and other raw vegetables like shredded carrots, radish, cucumber, beetroots, and sprouted grams, which will make it a complete meal and yet have the minimum amount of calories in it. The salad dressing should also be a low fat one so that there is no cholesterol content in the dish.

Calories in romaine lettuce 1 cup:
The calories in romaine lettuce 1 cup are very low as there are only 8 to a cup of chopped lettuce leaves.

The other nutrients in this healthy leaf are 1087 mcg of zeaxanthin plus luterin, 1637 mcg of beta carotene, 48.2 of vitamin K, 64 of folate, 11.3 mg vitamin C, 116 mg potassium, 16 mg calcium, one gram of fiber and .58 of protein. If the choice is between cos and romaine lettuce, then romaine is the healthier of the two.

Calories in romaine lettuce hearts:
Calories in romaine lettuce hearts are also as low as it is in the rest of the parts with just 16 calories in a heart and 0 fat and just a little bit of carbs and proteins.

This is a low carb and low calorie green vegetable and is beneficial for health and weight loss.

Calories in romaine lettuce salad:
Calories in romaine lettuce salad are low and this is what makes it a healthy heart food. Romaine lettuce has all it takes to keep the heart healthy like folic acid which is responsible for breaking down homocysteine which sets off heart attacks.

It is also rich in potassium and fiber which control the blood pressure and make it easier for the heart to function. Apart from nutrients and vitamins which are good for the heart it is also a rich source of phosphorous, iron, molybdenum, manganese, chromium, vitamin B1 and 2 and vitamin A. All these nutrients are beneficial for keeping away night blindness, anemia, wrinkles around the edge of the mouth and Beriberi.

How many calories in romaine lettuce
Instead of worrying about how many calories in romaine lettuce  enjoy the fresh leaves in your daily diet and ensure that you learn how to buy the best quality and preserve it properly too.

The head should be compact when you pick the head of romaine lettuce with no discolored leaves in it. To store it wash it under running water and then store it wrapped in a damp cloth or a plastic packet in the crisper of the refrigerator. This way you can keep your lettuce leaves fresh for up to a week. However, refrain from storing it in the same place as pears and apples as this will make the leaves brown faster.

This can be included in every meal as the more lettuce you eat the healthier will you and your heart remain. The taste is not very palatable but this can be camouflaged with the other ingredients in the dish as long as you do not add fat and calories to it. Lime juice, tomatoes and balsamic vinegar are ideal to spice it up and add taste to it.

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