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Vitamin E Complex Health Benefits

Vitamin E consists of eight antioxidants, i.e., four tocopherols (beta, alpha, delta, and gamma) and four tocotrinenols (beta, alpha, delta, and gamma). If you buy vitamin E, it is usually alpha tocopherol. Vitamin E complex, on the other hand, contains all four tocopherols with alpha being present in the highest amount. Vitamin E complex is an extremely beneficial vitamin for maintaining an individual’s overall health. Vitamin E complex uses are many.

It is an absolutely necessary nutrient for the human body. Vitamin E complex has antioxidant properties and thus helps control the free radicals and prevents blockages and blood clots in the arteries (coronary). Vitamin E complex is known to reduce a person’s chances to get chronic diseases, including some types of cancer and heart attacks. Vitamin E complex is also believed to assist the conduction of the nerves and also slow down the aging process. It also plays a very important role in protecting and enhancing the effects of vitamin A and vitamin C. Research also indicates that vitamin E complex slows down the formation of cataract. Vitamin E can be obtained from the following foods. This list includes foods such as pumpkin, tomato products, wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, sweet potato, broccoli, olives, papayas, asparagus, rockfish, oils such as almonds and hazelnuts, and green leafy vegetables such as beet, turnip, collard, and spinach. In addition, you can consume Vitamin E complex supplements after checking with your health care provider. See also Vitamin E Foods

Some of the Vitamin E complex benefits are listed as follows: 

  • Vitamin E has antioxidant properties and is the main vitamin that helps provide support to the lipid parts of the body’s cells. The antioxidant properties of Vitamin E promote healthy cardiovascular, nervous, and circulatory systems by ensuring that these systems obtain sufficient oxygen from the body’s red blood cells.
  • Vitamin E complex health benefits are seen during a women’s menstruation period. Taking Vitamin E complex helps give them respite from menstrual cramps.  
  • Another important among the Vitamin E complex health benefits is that it slows down the aging process. Research also indicates that Vitamin E complex is helpful in preventing or slowing the development of cataract.
  • Many people use Vitamin E complex for acne. The benefits of Vitamin E complex for your skin are many. Vitamin E plays an important role in slowing down the aging process of your skin. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin E also helps prevent and treat sunburns. One important benefit of Vitamin E is that it helps prevent skin cancer. More information on vitamin E oil benefits for skin      
  • Vitamin E complex can be used for hair growth as well. Taking Vitamin E complex is akin to a scalp massage. The valuable antioxidants in Vitamin E helps boost the immune system and improves blood circulation to the scalp.    
  • Many bodybuilders and weightlifters take Vitamin E complex for bodybuilding as it has a number of positive health effects.
  • Some of the conditions and diseases that may benefit from the use of Vitamin E complex are diabetes, hepatitis, Parkinson’s disease, menopause, heavy menstruation, eye tissue inflammation, fibromyalgia, pre-menstrual syndrome, osteoarthritis, and restless leg syndrome.   
  • Vitamin E complex also helps minimize the severity of inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and rheumatic pains.
  • As mentioned earlier, vitamin E complex is believed to be helpful for the heart’s health, diabetes, and for skin health. Vitamin E complex has antioxidant properties that help prevent free radicals from forming. In addition, Vitamin E is also known to limit the damage caused to the lung through air pollution. It helps reduce the activity of air pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and ozone.  
  • Many women claim that Vitamin E complex helps reduce menopause symptoms such as hot flashes.

Vitamin E Complex Side Effects

So what are the vitamin E complex side-effects? Most people do not have side effects on taking vitamin E complex supplements. If any of these common side effects are noticed on taking the vitamin, it is best you consult your doctor. These include symptoms such as green or dark stools, constipation, nausea, mild diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain. In case the following severe side effects are seen, seek immediate medical help. These include severe allergic reaction (such as itching, hives, rash, and tightness in the chest), swelling of the mouth, face, tongue or lips, tingling or numbness of the skin, and severe stomach cramping or pain.  
One needs to keep in mind that many of the health benefits have very little scientific evidence to support them. Most people assume that the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E automatically make it beneficial for conditions related to age. Research in the earlier stages indicates that those who took high Vitamin E complex intake were at lower risks of getting many conditions. However, doctors today recommend that patients take a modest approach while taking these supplements.
Submitted on June 10, 2011